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All Appears to Be Lost

By all the standard expectations of a successful Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth would have comprehensively failed. Read more.

The Day God Died

This is the day when human history stills, alters course, and begins to roll towards God again.
Read more.

The Long Road Home

Shortly after he received his First Holy Communion, nothing seemed a bigger drag upon his good spirits than the God worshipped by the Catholic Church. Read more.

In His Greatest Hour of Need

Her son was killed in a car accident on Divine Mercy Sunday. How was she able to cope? Read more.

The 100,000 Mark

The Marians' Divine Mercy Facebook page hit a milestone. Read more.

The Feast of St. Joseph — March 19

"The grief of dealing with Matthew's death and then the ordeal of a criminal trial — at the time we didn't really know what was going on around us." Read more.

A Prolife Shrine for the Modern Era

"In order to turn the tide, we need a positive pro-life witness that attracts people to the truth that life is sacred at every stage," says Fr. Matthew Lamoureux, MIC. Read more.

When the Nurse Became the Patient

It just takes a little effort to evangelize. God does the rest.

Read more.

Oh, For the Love of God!

Your neighbor's goods don't stack up against God's goods. Read more.

Pope Francis: Become Poor for Lent

"Let us not forget that real poverty hurts: no self-denial is real without this dimension of penance. I distrust a charity that costs nothing and does not hurt." Read more.

Don't Even Think About It

Here is God doubling down. Read more.

The Truth, the Gospel Truth

"Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who deal faithfully are His delight" (Prov 12:22). Read more.

Lazarus Lies At The Door

It turns out that stealing is a matter of give and take. Read more.

A St. Valentine's Day Miracle

The power of prayer intervenes to save two babies from abortion. Read more.

In the Case of Self-Destruction

"What is the solution to overcoming an adulterous heart and falling in love with Jesus?" None of us knew the answer. Read more.

Do Not Tempt Them to Despair

Jesus didn't die for the forgivable sins. He died for the unforgivable sins. He died for us after we'd become monstrous. Read more.

You are Called to Serve

January 27 is the feast day of Blessed George Matulaitis-Matulewicz. Here is the challenge he set for all of us. Read more.

On Our Honor

I cannot possibly express the love I have for this commandment. Read more.

Give It a Rest!

The rule we most often break is also the easiest to keep: Rest on Sunday. Give it over to God.
Read more.

For the Least Among Us

Cuts to foodstamps and unemployment aid mean the Body of Christ must hear the cry of the poor. Read more.

Hallowed Be His Name

Since God saw fit to etch a seemingly obvious matter of etiquette into history's most famous stone tablets, something rather worrying is afoot. Read more.

Enroll Your Enemies

"Love them when they do not love me? Forgive them who have maliciously hurt me? Not natural at all!" Of course it's not natural. It's supernatural. Read more.

Boots on the Ground

A Q&A with a Green Beret involved in the Philippine relief efforts. Read more.

Let's Take It from the Top

Seems simple enough. So why isn't it? Read more.

Favorite Quotes from 2013

Despite a world that often seems on the verge of collapse, mercy endures. Here are 10 power quotes that bookmarked the year for me. Read more.

The Christ Has Come!

The four long weeks of Advent, full of expectation and longing, seem so fleeting as we gaze with wonder on the newborn Jesus. Read more.

Physics and the Self-Creating Universe

Dr. Stackpole shares his letters with our readers with the hope that other young people will be helped to see the truth in a confused and clouded world. Read more.

Behold Your Son! Behold Your Mother!

An inmate shares his experiences surrounding his consecration to Jesus through Mary using the 33 Days to Morning Glory retreat. Read more.

Top of the Christmas Wish List: Holy Communion

For the first time I understood why Jesus came to us as a Baby and the joy His birth brought to the world. Read more.

A North-of-the-Border Perspective

As we celebrate the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe on Dec. 12, how did she — and Mexican culture — turn a Midwestern Protestant into a Catholic convert? Read more.

A Long Drive Leads to Faustina

A review of a live drama based on the saint who, after Mary, has helped me fall in love with Jesus more than any other. Read more.

An Attitude of Gratitude

Thanksgiving Day is great. So let's celebrate it every single day, no matter what. OK? Read more.

A Message in the Stars

Built by God. The probability of all other explanations are, well, remote. Read more.

The Secret of the Human Heart

What is this nameless thing that we so desperately long for? Read more.

Timing? You Need Not Ask.

I would like to share with the Marian Helpers an incredible experience my family and I had. Read more.

'We All Need Our Blessed Mother'

They can explain how having a healthy Marian devotion makes clear how, through Jesus, they've entered the family of God. Read more.

'It's a Different World Now'

A graduate from Sandy Hook Elementary School talks about serving the families of victims — what she was prepared for and what she wasn't. Read more.

Working Together to Renew Halloween

As we gear up for Halloween this Thursday, one parish proves that it's no trick to give children a treat. Read more.

What's the Difference? Plenty, of Course.

The latest in a series by Dr. Robert Stackpole that addresses the concerns his niece is having at a secular college. Read more.

Yes, That's the Spirit!

Dr. Robert Stackpole's niece gets "clobbered," intellectually speaking. The good thing is, despite her critics, she happens to be right. Read more.

Prison Ministry's Many Rewards

When I saw the faces of these men, love filled my heart, and I felt God's mercy everywhere. Read more.

How God Revealed Himself, in Due Time

If anyone thinks for a minute that weekly church bulletins are a waste of paper, consider the case of one suffering woman who perused her bulletin before Mass one April morning in 2007. Read more.

And the Hand-Off Goes to ... Pope Francis!

Something pretty cool happened a couple weeks back in St. Peter's Square. Read more.

Two Popes, One Canonization

Pope Francis announced Monday the date for the canonization of Popes John Paul II and John XXIII. It's on Divine Mercy Sunday! Why both popes on the same day? Read more.

'The New Pentecost'

In the first of a four-part series to mark the 40 Days for Life campaign, read about a former abortionist who challenges pro-lifers and pro-choicers alike. Read more.

Our Son, the Marian

A Q&A with the parents who stand behind their son in more ways than one. Read more.

Painting, By the Numbers (2,484, to Be Exact)

Add it all up, and Nikki Bruni's painting of the Divine Mercy puts a face to abortion. Check out our Q&A with the artist. Read more.

The Power of the Chaplet

They were on the last leg of their trip, about 35 miles from Sarasota, when a fearsome chain-reaction unfolded before their eyes. Read more.

'I Had To Do It Afraid'

I cried out to Him to change my life, and He answered in a way that I did not want to hear. Read more.

Freedom. Fruitfulness. The USA.

The Marians and their lay supporters in America celebrate a special centennial. Read more.

What Happens When an Image 'Floats' By?

In a time when public display of Jesus, particularly in secular settings like a town parade, can raise hackles, in Oak Harbor, it was quite the contrary. Read more.

Oh, Baby!

From Poland to Stockbridge, St. Faustina enters the picture for a couple looking to conceive. Read more.

From Childhood Wonder to Ministry

How the Divine Mercy image inspired a man's "team effort" to make it better known. Read more.

She Probably Will Not Save the World, But ...

... she will sacrifice everything to try. Meet Nina Chung, a woman who left her career to minister where the need is greatest. Read more.

A Sobering Thought

Mark Endres shares with us reason for hope amidst the beer and bacchanalia of a college bash. Read more.

My Prayer: 'Help Me to Trust'

When fears eclipse faith, stop right there and turn to the Lord. Read more.

It Was Prayer. How Else to Explain It?

This is the true story of my sister, Linda Banks. Read more.

Meet God's Comic

A little rain never hurt John Canavan. Seriously. Read more.

A Bittersweet Goodbye to Fran Bourdon

A highly heralded hiree in 1990 is now the sorely missed retiree.
Read more.

It Started with a Highway Attraction

To mark the Year of Faith, the following is one in a series of stories on how Marian Helpers have come to their faith. Read more.

Mercy Cuts to the Bone

A father praying in a chapel. A doctor performing surgery. A Pope of Mercy recently deceased. In a crucial moment in 2005, they all came together in prayer. Read more.

Meet an Evangelist Who's Not an 'Evangelist'

I have been blessed to receive this message, especially knowing the hope and joy it brings. Read more.

Over-the-Counter Mercy

You might expect a pharmacy to pitch itself as having the best prices in town, short waiting times, and courteous service. But would you ever expect this? Read more.

Healthcare Conference Focuses on Crisis and Faith

In healthcare, we're at a dangerous crossroads. Read our report on this year's Medicine, Bioethics, and Spirituality Conference. Read more.

'That's Who God Is'

One woman's harrowing journey from the occult to the foot of the cross. Read more.

Evangelization: Here's How It's Done

More than 200 Marian Helpers from around the country gathered for the Marians' annual Mercy Weekend Conference. Here's what they learned. Read more.

One Family's Trusted Intercessor

It's the feast day of St. Joseph. The protector of God's only begotten Son, is not merely a figure in history. His work continues today. Here's proof. Read more.

Jesus, Is Our Divine Physician

I want to share with you that the Lord has used me as an instrument. Read more.

A Time to Step It Up

We asked some of our Marian Helpers to share how they are marking the Year of Faith, especially in their parishes. Read more.

He Had Everything — but God

Who wants to be a millionaire? Lance Mudd did. Read more.

A Father, on Good Footing

Flat on the ground after a fall on the ice — that was as good a time as any to reevaluate his life. Read more.

'All Fr. Luke Asks for is Prayer'

"And this week is only the beginning," she says. "Everyone there is still in shock. Their peaceful home has been desecrated by violence." Read more.

Wow, the Blessed Mother is Quick!

For Gail Barzare, 33 Days to Morning Glory was part of an answer to her simple prayer to Mary. Read more.

Joy in the Year of Faith

How does one go about leaving a long life of Protestantism to embrace Catholicism? Read more.

7 Ways to Get Ready for Jesus' Birthday

How can we prepare well this Advent for Jesus' coming at Christmas? Read more.

MOMM's Goal: Make Year of Faith a 'Time of Grace'

"We are filled with joy, yet humbled, by the number of ways we are able to respond to the Holy Father's directives and wishes for the Year of Faith." Read more.

Called To Heal Not Kill

This would radically change the calling of the physician and other healthcare professionals. Read more.

To Jesus through Mary

What's that noise coming from Buffalo? A call for new apostles of The Divine Mercy. Read more.

A Little 'Slice of Heaven'

A work of mercy for those in the rough, the beautiful sunny skies on a mid-September day was only one reason Ed Miller was elated. Read more.

So He Did ...

It's 424,000 Hail Marys and 48,000 Our Fathers later. An Army vet shares his story. Read more.

Ed Gordon's Long Journey Back

My parents dragged me to church. I didn't want to be there, and as soon as I moved out of the house, church attendance would not be on my priority list. Read more.

My Friend and Guide

Joanne Bennardo found a special friend when she went to the hospital for emergency heart surgery. This friend is St. Faustina. Read more.

A Family of Mercy

"Not extending mercy and charity to one another is one of the main problems in the world." Read more.

Go Ahead and Laugh

Hey, what's all this funny business about, anyway? Consider it God's invitation to joy. Read more.

First Communion, Mercy a Great Combination

The image of The Divine Mercy introduced at an early age — the sooner the better. Read more.

'I Quietly Pray the Chaplet' for the Dying

John and Elaine are proud to join with the Marians in proclaiming their respect for human life. Read more.

'A Message to Be Lived'

Watch video of Dr. Bryan Thatcher explaining what it means to be an apostle of The Divine Mercy — and how to become one. Read more.

What Can We Learn from John the Baptist?

We mark the birth of St. John the Baptist on June 24. You could call him the spirit behind the New Evangelization. Read more.

Alzheimer's Takes Hold, and God Does, Too

I still say a prayer with her. She can remember how to bless herself, and she recognizes the opening words of the Hail Mary. Read more.

A Boy and His Fish

Hook, line, and sinker during the 4th Glorious Mystery. Read more.

Carrying Christ to the World

The annual meeting of the Association of Marian Helpers concluded most appropriately. Read more.

Rave Reviews for Marians' New Parish-Based Program

One parishioner says, "The best thing is that I can still pray to Jesus, but I also have Mary, a mom, in my life again."
Read more.

Love, Mercy and Patients

How do healthcare professionals introduce spirituality? The question touches every aspect of the healing and caring arts. Read more.

Wow. This is Great. Now What?

We have a winner of a whole lot of Divine Mercy material. Let's meet him. Read more.

'What is a Cenacle?'

I thought I'd take this opportunity to explain. Read more.

If Only I Could Return to Being a Child

One reader shares how Christ reached out to her. Read more.

Faces of Mercy

Who came to Divine Mercy Sunday? More than 20,000 people. Meet a few of them. Read more.

Giving Voice to Mercy

As it turned out, Fr. Leszek was visiting Treasure Island, Fla., Annie's hometown, for a local Divine Mercy conference. Read more.

Bring the Little Children to St. Faustina

Why one first grade teacher incorporates St. Faustina in her classroom. Read more.

Well, Now Here is a Conversation Starter

The doctors scheduled him for a triple bypass operation on All Saints Day. That's the day he learned about the image of The Divine Mercy.
Read more.

'A Thousand Hidden Miracles'

What is the New Evangelization? It goes something like this ... Read more.

God Shines His Light, Literally

Testing out Diary of St. Faustina, passage 811. Read more.

A Cause for Celebration

"With all her hardships, I never once saw her depressed. I never saw her get angry and say 'Why me?' ... She loved God. She was beautiful." Read more.

My Rise from a Hard Fall

My legs and feet were angled in ways that legs and feet aren't supposed to be angled. Read more.

Prison Ministry, by 'Accident'

This is what happens when you listen to God's call to perform words of mercy. Read more.

Mercy Under One Roof

To work here is a calling, and here's why.
Read more.

Advent: Learning from Mary and Joseph

We enter further into the spirit of recollection by turning to Mary and Joseph. Read more.

His Walk of Life

This doctor's on the move to share the healing message of Divine Mercy with his cancer patients. Read more.

A Special Gift Finds a Good Home

Marian Helpers spreading Divine Mercy now have more reason to feel close to St. Faustina. Read more.

Mercy, From the Ground Up

How one parish uses an inheritance to insure its congregants be 'image' conscious. Read more.

Fast-Tracked to Catholicism

"I loved to spout off," he says. "I found it easy to put Catholics on the block and try to convince them why they should leave the Church." Read more.

Can We Help?

Being a medical doctor, I have always had the desire to assist in the building of a clinic for the poor. Read more.

The Code of the Road: Trust and Prayer

After he hung up the phone, he stood there and said a prayer. "OK, Lord," he said, "what do you want me to do? What am I here for?" Read more.

God Walked Upon the Earth? 'Insane!'

The wild and wonderful journey of a former Jewish business executive. She'll be a featured speaker at the "Divine Mercy Conference: 2011" on Oct. 22, in Lackawanna, N.Y. Read more.

Work in Healthcare?

Have we got a retreat for you. Choose a date in October or November. Stay spiritually strong. Read more.

Stop the Presses. Play Golf.

John DiSantis isn't a good golfer (his words, not ours). And he doesn't like that we're drawing attention to him. "Keep this story short," he pleads. Read more.

Mercy Reciprocated

A flat tire leads one woman on a spiritual journey. Read more.

She Is Someone

The Chaplet of The Divine Mercy changes lives and changes deaths. Let's read Marian Helper Linda Gottbrath's witness. Read more.

The Sign of the Cross

Here's a great way to make good use of this act. Read more.

How I Became Joyful Again

Mary Walsh writes of her peaceful feeling in praying the Rosary. Read more.

At the Home of Divine Mercy

They visited the Shrine for many reasons. Let's count the ways. Read more.

Signed, Sealed, Deliverance

"I did a lot of praying to the Lord that He show me something that I could get into," Ed Moore said. "So a funny thing happened." Read more.

Get Your Marian Bookmarks!

Marian Helpers receive affirmation that their prayers are being answered. Read more.

An 'App' So Apt

How one Marian Helper seized a powerful opportunity to evangelize with the Marians.
Read more.

'Where Good Meets Evil'

They bravely face abuse, buoyed by the help of the Thirteenth of the Month Club members. Read more.

A Lesson in Trust

Read more.

Mercy and Motivation

Marians Helpers gather for a hearty dose of divine practicality. Read more.

'When I Need It the Most'

The 13th of the Month Club is like a large, extended family. Here's a letter from one of its members. Read more.

Life After the Miracle

Meet the Digans, the couple at the center of the miracle 30 years ago that led to St. Faustina's beatification. Read more.

Another Reason Why Cenacles Matter

Christ calls for deeds of mercy. We have responded. Read more.

'He's Going to Make a Wonderful Priest'

Reflections of a Marian Helper on the Marians' newest priest. Read more.

From A to Z

A journey along God's crooked lines, by candlelight. Read more.

Marians Dedicate Circle of Light Candles

The Feast of the Presentation on Eden Hill becomes "enlightened," with the help of a special group of supporters. Read more.

Someday This Will Be a Chalice

"Imagine the joy of contributing to a gift that will be used during the consecration in Holy Mass offered by the new Marian priest," Fr. Joseph writes. Read more.

Now I Get It

Last spring I became part of the Marian Helper family and learned about Divine Mercy. I feel moved to share my experiences. Read more.

So Many Reasons to Pray

Our Lord made it clear to me: The world needs us to turn to Him in trust. Read more.

Finding Mary in the Bible Belt

Our Lady, Star of the Sea, never takes a vacation from protecting us. Read more.

Link by Link

When he harvested his last field of corn and retired, he had plans to just go with the flow — literally. Read more.

Small Priest — Big Impact

He set the bar high. He made the presses roll. He was highly revered and now deeply missed. Read more.

In Buffalo: Prayers at the Bedside

How are these women following Christ's call to serve those most in need of His mercy? Read more.

'All I Treasured I Left on the Sand'

She did everything humanly possible to improve the quality of Lisa's life. The rest she entrusted to Jesus, Read more.

'I Totally Embraced Our Blessed Mother'

Mary Immaculate leads a Marian Helper out of fear and into a life of unexpected abundance. Here's how. Read more.

A Gift That 'Cannot Be Overestimated'

Two Marian benefactors are funding a project on Eden Hill that will be of historic proportions. Read more.

'Slice' Fits Marians, CYC to a Tee

No matter how you slice it, the Marian Fathers' 14th annual Slice of Heaven is a great leveler Read more.

A Story for the Unbeliever

How I learned the true meaning of a favorite Gospel passage and the true power of the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy. Read more.

Preach His Mercy Always. When Necessary, Use E-Mail.

Marian Helper Tom Bailey of Houston, Texas, engages in a powerful deed of mercy, and he encourages others to do likewise. Read more.

'Tell the Priests ... Tell Everyone'

What happens when the laity and priests form a Divine Mercy partnership? Here's one example. Read more.

Twice Blessed

How St. Faustina graced our family with two timely intercessions. Read more.

'Everything is Beautiful. Everything is Blue.'

At the age of 3 he was diagnosed with autism. Thus began a journey in which God's hand was ever-present. Read more.

They Go the Distance

No need to ask for directions. This family knows where they are going. Read more.

Conversations with Mom: My Son, the Father

Just like that: "Go up to the tabernacle and ask Jesus for a baby." So she did. Read more.

Lay Helpers to the Rescue

How did the laity help the Marians build America's Mercy Shrine? Stone by stone. Prayer by prayer. Read more.

Blessed Stanislaus and Me

My mother told me, "I'm going to start to say this prayer for the baby." The result was one of many graces received through the intercession of the Marians' founder, whose feast day we celebrate on May 18. Read more.

And They Met the Pope, Too!

They won a trip of a lifetime — but it was even better than that. Read about Linda's and Dorothy's big adventure. Read more.

'Holy and Devoted Priests' Needed

How has one couple given to and received from the Marians? Meet two Marian Helpers who hear the "call." Read more.

On the Road with MOMM: 'Never Give Up on Anyone'

In the first in a series of dispatches from the road, Mother of Mercy Messengers visits a jail and reports on the transformation of a former inmate. Read more.

First, Just Curious. Now, Forever Changed.

How does a curious, thoughtful, spiritual seeker evolve into an apostle of The Divine Mercy message and devotion? Read more.

'A Resurrection Underway'

Each of them, at a dark point in their life, had a rock pushed aside and the light of Christ touch their hearts through similar means. Read more.

'A Gift That Would Be Meaningful'

"He spoke from his heart," she said. "He was so sincere. I was captivated, and so I wanted to give a gift that would be meaningful." Read more.

Building America's Mercy Shrine

It all began with a mission — and Marian Helpers like you who were dedicated to that mission. Read more.

'A Tragedy of Massive Proportions'

"This is a tragedy of massive proportions," said Fr. Kazimierz Chwalek, MIC. Here's how you can help. Read more.

Trust in God is Job Number 1

Are you pounding the pavement, out of work? Has a loved one been traumatized because of losing a job? Read on, then. This is for you. Read more.

A Spiritual Travelogue

My desire to travel to Poland only grew in intensity upon attending the first World Apostolic Congress on Mercy (WACOM), held in Rome, Italy, in April 2008 Read more.

Were You There?

Share your thoughts and reflections on the North American Congress on Mercy and the Divine Mercy Networking Forum, held in Washington, D.C., Nov. 13-15. Read more.

Armed (with Images) and Merciful

"Rather than looking at what I have done," she told her peers, "I say, 'Thanks be to God for what He does through people like me.'" Read more.

Network with the Experts!

The day before the North American Congress on Mercy commences, pilgrims can take part in an unprecedented face-to-face forum with the "mercy pros." Read more.

A Slice of Success

"It fits in so well with our Congregation's mission to be of service to God and His Church," said Fr. Dan Cambra, MIC. Read more.

How I Share God's Mercy

Sometimes, I wonder if I am really making a difference. Then a recent incident showed me God's mercy in action. Read more.

Will You, Too, Say Yes?

Like Mercy Congress witness Kellie Ross, we are all called to spread mercy in North America and beyond. It takes one word: "Yes." Read more.

The Marians' Prayer Warriors

Within those cubicles, those aren't operators standing by to take your order; they are intercessors standing by to take your prayer petition. Read more.

He Seemed to Say, 'Save Me.'

As if God wanted me to know for sure that it was His will for us to help Frank, the phone in my office rang. "It's Frank's mother," I was told. Read more.

The Widow's Dollar

A brief time helping another department brings a writer face-to-face with a Marian Helper's sacrifice. Read more.

Next Stop: The Philippines

As a sign of its commitment to its new mission in the Philippines, the Marians made history on May 21. Read more.

'God Had a Different Plan for Me'

His goal was to be a millionaire. Read the riches-to-rags-to-spiritual-riches story of Scott Scaria. Read more.

Meet Mary, the Mom

Mary was the perfect role model of a mother's love, which she expressed at least seven ways in scripture. Read more.

Teen Mercy

Through the message of The Divine Mercy, they reach out to the unloved, unwanted, and forgotten. Read more.

Blessed George and You

In light of this powerful vision of Blessed George for the laity, I invite you to think of the many ways we the Marians seek to educate you in the faith and inform you about the needs of the Church. Read more.

Ten-Hut, Soldier!

"I am often asked, 'Why do you get up so early every morning to make rosaries?'" Read more.

One Man's Mercy Legacy

Leo N. Macht became the Johnny Appleseed of sorts for the Divine Mercy movement. Read more.

Now What?

That's been Ted Hanley's policy since a 96-year-old nun spoke to him through a wooden cloister grill. Read more.

My Experience of Mercy Sunday

"There was the altar set up exactly as I had seen it in my consoling vision!" Read more.

A Dream of St. Faustina Inspires a Special Gift

Do you remember how you heard about Divine Mercy? I want to share with you Kay's story, which is both a testimony to faith and an expression of gratitude. Read more.

She Wrote the Book of 'Life'

Meet a stay-at-home-mom with a "crazy" idea that she could change lives. The idea has worked! Read more.

The Christmas Present

Tears filled my eyes at the beauty that lay before me. I looked lovingly at him and said, "Oh, Harry! Thank you!" Read more.

Men on a Mission

Our Holy Father says every faithful person should respond to the mission appeal and not see it simply as a task for "specialists." Please consider helping the Marians' worldwide ministries. Read more.

The Day I Hungered in a Hospital Chapel

I said a prayer the night before and the day of surgery asking our Lord to remember my promise and that I needed Him to provide me with Holy Communion. Read more.

She Opened My Eyes to the Merciful Lord

I guess the Lord decided enough was enough and that I needed a wake-up call. Read more.

Nurse Marie Honored for Divine Mercy Healthcare Work

She has brought the message of Divine Mercy into the lives of healthcare professionals around the world. Read more.

'I Think God Was Watching Over Me'

In Paul's words, "the experience of war shook my faith. I saw too much war." Read more.

Protected in Prayer

How do Marian Helpers step up to the plate? Here's one way. Read more.

How Divine Mercy Flooded My Soul

My marriage was in serious trouble, and I felt like a failure in so many areas in my life. Read more.

Mary, My Mother

I wanted to know what I was missing. I wanted to know Our Lady. Read more.

Just Do It

Genevieve Pringle had no idea the adventure she was about to embark upon. Read more.

Marians' Tournament Raises Money for Charity

Hackers, whackers, and, yes, a few proficient golfers, too, gathered Friday, July 11, for the Marians of the Immaculate Conception's annual Slice of Heaven Charity Golf Tournament.
View photo gallery.
Read more.

The Divine Mercy: A Safe Refuge in the Storm

While three of Judy's grandchildren visited during the summer of 2007, the tornado sirens sounded. Read more.

'Doing Our Own Thing' Wasn't the Way

God's grace and Our Lady of Fatima straighten out a marriage. Read more.

'This is Bigger Than We Think'

"It strengthened my faith. It's like, I was hungry before I left and now I'm full." Read more.

'If You Help Me, I'll Do Whatever It Takes'

After three failed marriages and years of alcohol and drug abuse, Lee was ready to die. He needed a miracle to turn his life around. Read more.

'One of the Best-Kept Secrets'

I fell in love with the Divine Mercy devotion. Read more.

Hope, Help in Rwanda

Marians and Marian Helpers provide the gift of mercy in action. Read more.

Mercy and the Death of My Father

I looked at my watch, and it was exactly 3 p.m. A cry came out of me from my soul, and I broke down and sobbed. Read more.

Father Pat Magee — Patterson, N.J.

"God's mercy is here today. He longs for us to long for Him. Conversions are happening today. Graces are touching people's hearts. God goes into their souls, and He brings about an awareness of His presence. It's an amazing thing when you come to realize that His peace is your life." Read more.

A Heavenly Treasure

Burnished through prayer, a set of old rosary beads prompts Anita Cugini to turn to Our Lady in deeper faith. Read more.

The Lenten Challenge

Ten-year-old Christopher Thatcher weighs in. Read more.

Polish Group Responds

Church club raises $500 for the Mother of Mercy Outdoor Shrine. Read more.

Lourdes at 150: 'A Place of Hope'

On Feb. 11, Lourdes observed the 150th anniversary of the world's most famous Marian apparition. Marian Helper Marie Romagnano, our foreign correspondent, was on hand to report. Read more.

When We Turned to the Chaplet

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for your ministry and share with you an incredible experience my family and I witnessed as a result of praying the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy. Read more.

Finding Love through Loving Mercy

Divine Mercy heals long-strained father-daughter relationship. Read more.

A Sign to the World

Who is this guy with the cool shades and the thick New Yawk accent who frequently visits us here at the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy? And why is he smiling? Read more.

One Leaflet Led to All of This

"We always felt Our Blessed Mother was leading us to the foot of the cross," said Marian Helpers Frank and Marie Burke.
Read more.

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