The path leading to ordination can take up to 10 years. After a man hears the call to be a Marian and completes the application process, he begins a formal process of discernment, through which he and the Marian community jointly evaluate his intellectual, spiritual, and physical suitability for religious life as a Marian.

The long road to priesthood

This journey is known as formation, and it begins with the postulancy program, followed by the novitiate.

During his formation, the student lives in the Marian community and takes part in academic and spiritual study. At each stage, the young man's commitment is deepened.

Formation is a time of intense reflection. The students follow the ancient tradition of ora et labora — "pray and work." They learn the dynamics of prayer and the contemplative life, study the history of religious life and mysticism in the Church, and learn to reflectively read and pray through the Holy Scriptures. They also study the Marians' constitutions, charisms, spirituality, apostolate, and the history of the Congregation.

The final step toward a total commitment as a Marian is the profession of perpetual vows.

Our newest Marian Priests

Fr. Allen
Alexander, MIC

July 25, 2015
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Fr. Thaddaeus
Lancton, MIC

May 30, 2015
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Fr. Jonathan
Inskip, MIC

May 16, 2015
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Fr. Chris
Alar, MIC

May 31, 2014
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Fr. Ron
McBride, MIC

Dec. 8, 2012
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Fr. Angelo
Casimiro, MIC

July 2, 2011
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Fr. James
Cervantes, MIC

May 28, 2011
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Your support helps make this happen

Throughout this long and challenging process, our seminarians rely on your prayers, your encouragement, and your generous support.

Friends like you, who are devoted to Mary Immaculate and Jesus The Divine Mercy, make it possible for these young men to share in Christ's mission of salvation.

We pray that you will find it within yourself to offer the level of support needed to match the dedication and commitment of these young men.

Educate the Marian Priests of Tomorrow

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Gifts of any amount will be gratefully accepted.

Gift Card

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A Gift of Mercy has been made in your name to help the Marians of the Immaculate Conception provide the best possible education and training for the more than 100 young men who are preparing for a life of service to the Church as Marian priests and brothers. They will bring God's mercy to those in greatest need.