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Marians Honor Oscar Delgado

One lottery ticket and a sign from God in a devotional booklet launched Oscar Delgado's Divine Mercy mission.

Meet Mary's Servants of Mercy

Donna's Bible study group had been meeting together for two years. Then, they needed something new.

'I Love St. Faustina!'

His health made no sense scientifically. Victor knew it was the intercession of St. Faustina.

Meet Rick and Sophia

Sophia had been an agnostic since she was 14 years old. At 72, Rick led her to Christ, who forgave her past and brought her into the Catholic faith.

Elimu Means 'Education' — and That's Just the Beginning

Brother Alex Chung, MIC, and his sister, Nina Chung, both understand something about living merciful lives. For Nina, her charitable work in education overseas is changing lives.

Rosary: 'The Chain of Hope'

A Marian Helper shares how she returned to praying the Rosary.

It's Never Too Late

At 72, Jo didn't expect a new calling.

On Stepping Out of the Boat

"Our Church leaders have been saying that, as Catholics, we need to be prepared to put out into the deep and to step out of the boat ..."

'I Leave It in His Hands'

A mother tries to make sense of the death of her daughter, a victim of cyberbullying.

How Can You Still Be Catholic?

Marian Press writer Christopher Sparks tackled some of the biggest issues people grapple with.

Speak of Mary

When Irene's faith started coming alive, she wanted to share it.

25 Years Ago

He was handed the Diary. Now look what's happened.

'They Cut Us to Ribbons'

Amidst fierce battle, Mary kept her promises.

Want to Deepen Your Devotion to Mary?

Through prayer and deeds, this special club still helps Our Lady spread grace and peace throughout the world.

Path to Peace

"They listened so well to the story of the shepherds and Our Lady's request to pray for peace."

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