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Fatima: The Place. The Message.

At its core, the message is this: Without God, humanity walks in darkness, and we, individually, are called to be players in the salvation of the world.


This Message Is No 'Secret'

There is this matter of the so-called "secret of Fatima" that Our Lady shared with the three visionaries in 1917. The secret comes in three parts.


What IS the Immaculate Heart?

My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God.


Praying for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart

After almost 100 years, why is Fatima still worth our time and attention?


Fatima in the Month of May

In the first apparition at Fatima, Our Lady was giving us the key to happiness now and always.


It's Official: Pope Francis to Canonize Fatima Visionaries During May Visit

The canonization falls on the 100th anniversary of the first apparition of Our Lady at Fatima.


Why Children?

By all accounts, nothing was remarkable about Lucia and her cousins Francisco and Jacinta before the heavens opened to them.


Our Lady Goes to the United Nations

And you can go, too!


The Day the Darkness Began to Fade

How the Annunciation changed the world.


Part 18: How Deepest Sorrow Became Boundless Compassion


Remember St. Joseph

March 20 is St. Joseph's feast day this year. What makes this humble, quiet man worth remembering?


Part 17: Mary, Most Sorrowful

Sadness in itself is not a virtue. It is why we suffer and how we respond to the sorrows in our life that make all the difference.


Part 16: Mary, Most Merciful

But as there never was, and never will be, anyone who loved God as much as Mary loved him, so there never was, and never will be anyone who loved her neighbour as much as she did.


Part 15: Mary, Most Patient

Think of the patience Mary must have had when she was awakened by Joseph in the middle of the night and told that their family would have to make a quick, nocturnal escape.


Living Lent Under the Mantle

Get Lenten ideas from Marian Press author Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC.

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