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Farewell, Blanche

Each morning in the softly lit oratory adjacent to the Prayerline's office, Blanche would take her position in the front pew, left side.


Kids Are Us (In Many Ways)

Six tips from the experts on how to inspire children to be strong Catholics.


The Christ Has Come!

The four long weeks of Advent, full of expectation and longing, seem so fleeting as we gaze with wonder on the newborn Jesus.


The Forecast Calls for Beautiful Showers

The Forecast Calls for Beautiful Showers — Kaitlyn saw the need for a ministry that would put on baby showers for those in crisis pregnancies.


My Mother's Beautiful Death

"Since I wasn't at my mother's bedside, I did the next best thing: I prayed the Chaplet in the air over south Florida."


Rallying Around Our Lady

Alice has been gathering family, friends, and neighbors at her home in the fall for 12 years now to pray the Rosary.


Advent: A How-To Guide

Advent means "coming," from the Latin for "arrival." So how are we to prepare for Christ's arrival?


Divine Mercy Through the Heart of a 12 Year Old

It's beautiful to see Divine Mercy in the lives and actions of the youth.


A Senseless Murder: A Family's Response

Despite their grief, a family lived their Catholic faith with dignity and compassion.


That 3 a.m. Wake-Up Call

Jesus presents us with so many opportunities to take our small sufferings and offer them for souls.


Dr. Bryan Thatcher Looks Back and Looks Forward

How did Divine Mercy change his life? Twenty-five years ago, Dr. Bryan Thatcher was a much different man with much different priorities.


Courage: This Is What It Takes

Being a faithful Catholic can mean being prepared to make sacrifices.


Act Locally and Change the World

"Think globally; act locally." But isn't that aiming too low when there are such huge problems in the world?


How Her Thirst Was Quenched

How Her Thirst Was Quenched: Sandra Maher's life changed on Divine Mercy Sunday, 2011. She describes the experience in a visceral way.


Get Down on Your Knees!

Let St. Teresa of Avila, a Doctor of the Church, teach you the power of prayer.

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