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'Man on a Mission'

"Great ... a statue ... so what?" you ask. If you have a devotion to The Divine Mercy, so everything!

All-Occasion Prayers

Use St. Faustina's Diary to find prayers for the Hour of Great Mercy, to thank God, to honor Our Lady, and for the grace to be merciful.

The 'Hour of Great Mercy'

Christ begs us to ask for His mercy on the whole world by pausing at the 3 o'clock hour — the hour that recalls His death on the cross.

Mercy's Essential Ingredient

There's an important ingredient to the Divine Mercy message besides placing the Image in our homes, praying the Chaplet, and celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday. Putting mercy into action is not just an option — it's a requirement!

The Basics of Divine Mercy

When it comes to the essentials, it's OK to be a "block head." We can call to mind the message of Divine Mercy simply by remembering our ABCs.

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