National Shrine of The Divine Mercy

Calendar of Events

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Special Events at the National Shrine

Mar. 26Healing Mass (Monthly)

Mar. 28Blessing of Families

Mar. 29Palm Sunday

Apr. 2Easter Triduum

Apr. 2Triduum and Easter

Apr. 3Divine Mercy Novena

Apr. 3Triduum and Easter

Apr. 4First Saturday

Apr. 4Triduum and Easter

Apr. 5Easter Octave

Apr. 5Triduum and Easter

Apr. 102015 Divine Mercy Sunday Weekend Schedule

Apr. 112015 Divine Mercy Sunday Weekend Schedule

Apr. 122015 Divine Mercy Sunday Weekend Schedule

Apr. 25Blessing of Families

Apr. 30Healing Mass (Monthly)

May. 1Mother's Day Novena

May. 2First Saturday

May. 9Bl. Stanislaus Papczynski Novena

May. 10Mother's Day

May. 15Pentecost Novena

May. 28Healing Mass (Monthly)

May. 30Blessing of Families

Jun. 3Alliance of the Two Hearts Novena

Jun. 3Bl. Anthony & Bl. George Novena

Jun. 6First Saturday

Jun. 7Corpus Christi

Jun. 12Annual Global Rosary Relay for Priests

Jun. 12Father's Day Novena

Jun. 12Sacred Heart of Jesus (Solemnity)

Jun. 13Immaculate Heart of Mary (Memorial)

Jun. 13Portuguese Speakers Day

Jun. 17Filipino Day

Jun. 21Father's Day

Jun. 25Healing Mass (Monthly)

Jun. 27Blessing of Families

Jul. 4First Saturday

Jul. 7Our Lady of Mount Carmel Novena

Jul. 16Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Jul. 18St. Peregrine Novena

Jul. 25Blessing of Families

Jul. 30Healing Mass (Monthly)

Aug. 1First Saturday

Aug. 8Encuentro Latino

Aug. 13Assumption Triduum

Aug. 15Marian Week

Aug. 16Marian Week

Aug. 17Marian Week

Aug. 18Marian Week

Aug. 19Marian Week

Aug. 20Marian Week

Aug. 21Marian Week

Aug. 22Marian Week

Aug. 26Our Lady of Czestochowa (Commemoration)

Aug. 27Healing Mass (Monthly)

Aug. 29Blessing of Families

Aug. 29Vietnamese Day

Sep. 5First Saturday

Sep. 13National Grandparents Day

Sep. 19Polish Day

Sep. 24Healing Mass (Monthly)

Sep. 26Blessing of Families

Sep. 26St. Faustina Novena

Oct. 3First Saturday

Oct. 4Mercy for Souls Conference

Oct. 5Feast of St. Maria Faustina

Oct. 12Ven. Casimir Wyszynski Novena

Oct. 19St. Jude Novena

Oct. 29Healing Mass (Monthly)

Oct. 31Blessing of Families

Nov. 1Prayers for Poor Souls

Nov. 7First Saturday

Nov. 19Healing Mass (Monthly)

Nov. 26Thanksgiving Day (Confessions)

Nov. 28Blessing of Families

Nov. 29Immaculate Conception Novena

Dec. 5First Saturday

Dec. 8Immaculate Conception (Solemnity)

Dec. 16Christmas / Infant of Prague Novena

Dec. 23Mother of God Novena

Dec. 24Christmas & New Year Schedule

Dec. 25Christmas & New Year Schedule

Dec. 25Christmas Masses

Dec. 26Blessing of Families

Dec. 31Christmas & New Year Schedule

Dec. 31Healing Mass (Not held in December)

Jan. 1Christmas & New Year Schedule

Jan. 18Bl. George Matulaitis Novena