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What Was He Most 'Ecstatic' About?

Who are the least fortunate of all humanity? Father Dan Cambra explains.

Who Is St. Marianne Cope?

View the latest in Fr. Dan Cambra's video series on the saints.

Who Was St. Cajetan?

Saint Cajetan (1480-1547), the founder of the Theatine Order, was an early promoter of the Blue Scapular.

Who Was Blessed Jacoba de Settesoli?

Listen in to Fr. Dan Cambra, MIC, speak about this wife and mother (and baker, too).

Who Were Saints Pontian and Hippolytus?

Their friendship came about due to hard labor. Watch the latest in Fr. Dan Cambra's series on the saints.

Who Was St. John Damascus?

Meet a saint who served as a great defender of sacred images: St. John Damascus.

Who Was St. Francis Xavier?

Father Dan Cambra, MIC, shares stories about the saint who didn't get his own way, and thank God because of it.

Who Is St. Rose of Lima?

... And what was her most extraordinary gift, anyway?

Who Was St. Odilo of Cluny?

View the latest in Fr. Dan Cambra's series on the saints.

Who Was St. Camillus de Lellis?

What happens when the wine runs dry, the women run away, the song grows hoarse, and your very own boots take a walk?

Who Was St. Anthony the Hermit?

Saint Anthony the Hermit chose solitude to fight the devil within. Check out the latest in Fr. Dan Cambra's series on the saints

Who Was St. Louis?

Father Dan Cambra, MIC, tells why St. Louis is such an example for leaders, fathers, and husbands.

Who Was St. Daniel the Stylite?

Saint Daniel the Stylite has a lesson for us today, but it doesn't involve us having to roost upon a pillar, so that's a relief.

Who Was St. Nicholas of Tolentino?

He was a great peacemaker, from here to eternity: St. Nicholas of Tolentino. Have you heard of him?

Who Was St. Catherine of Genoa?

In his latest video on the saints, Fr. Dan Cambra, MIC, turns his eyes to purgatory and what it all means.

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