From Ashes to Mercy Lenten Series

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'Here I Am'

What choices did Moses make?

Share the Joy

"But now we must celebrate … ."

More to the Story

If you think today's liturgical readings are harsh, wait! There's more to the story. …

Who You Gonna Believe

Nothing in this world would persuade them.

Burning Love

Not preaching God's message would've felt like fire to this prophet.

Joseph's Up

How St. Joseph started the day.

Not Just Another 'Yes'

Daniel pleads, "But yours, O Lord, our God, are compassion and forgiveness!"

Glimpse the Future

In today's readings, God goes to extremes to show He has a plan.

It's Not Unusual

In the Book of Deuteronomy, forms of this warning appear 74 times.

It's the Law

Want to make God happy? Don't just follow the law.

Before You Ask...

Queen Esther gives an example of trust.

Who's Sorry Now?

Two groups were warned to repent. It's surprising who did.

He's Listening

A beloved saint teaches us to call out to God with childlike trust.

Bare Minimum

Holiness is also measured by what you didn't do.

He Was Hungry

The devil tries tricks when we're weak. Here's where to find strength.

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