Come to Mercy Lenten Series

Lifted Up

MARCH 31 — How does looking upon Him lead us to life?


MARCH 30 — Two adultery stories from the Bible have a lot in common.


MARCH 29 — Our Lord told St. Faustina where the greatest miracles take place.

Truth and Consequences

MARCH 28 — What's the cost for seeking the truth?


MARCH 27 — Why the prideful couldn't accept Jesus.

Have Mercy

MARCH 26 — There's power in this prayer.


MARCH 25 — Does the Annunciation interrupt the themes for Lent? Hardly!

Bathed in Mercy

MARCH 24 — In the man's years of sickness, nobody helped him to reach the healing waters.

You People

MARCH 23 — The official who walked miles to see Jesus faced yet another challenge.

Take Another Look

MARCH 22 — Appearances can fool us. What's the remedy?


MARCH 21 — The humble tax collector is bold in his own way.

I Know

MARCH 20 — There's more to faith than merely knowing about it.


MARCH 19 — It's the Feast of St. Joseph. See how many ways this man of action was a lifesaver.


MARCH 18 — You have a duty to teach by word or example.

Got Your Number

MARCH 17 — The Hebrews knew the symbolism of the number seven. How does it add up for us?

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