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John Paul II to Be Beatified!

And on Divine Mercy Sunday, No Less

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By Felix Carroll (Jan 18, 2011)
This year's Divine Mercy Sunday will be "blessed" for sure. Pope John Paul II, a gift to the world during his life and a powerful intercessor in his death, will be raised to the honors of the altar on May 1, in Rome, in a Beatification Rite to be presided over by his successor, Pope Benedict XVI.

Once beatified, the Polish Pontiff, who called the spread of Divine Mercy his "special task," will be given the title of "Blessed."

In an address before praying the midday Angelus in St. Peter's Square on Sunday, Pope Benedict XVI explained the significance of the date for the beatification.

"It will be the Second Sunday of Easter," the Pope stated, adding that John Paul II called this Easter octave "Divine Mercy Sunday." According to Zenit.org, the Pontiff said, "Those who knew him, those who esteemed and loved him, cannot but rejoice with the Church for this event."

+ + + The Marians invite you to a pilgrimage to Rome for the beatification of John Paul II. Learn more. + + +

Pope Benedict released the "Decree for the Beatification of the Servant of God John Paul II" on Friday. The decree verifies that, through the intercession of John Paul II, a French nun was miraculously cured of Parkinson's Disease. This determination was the last step needed for John Paul's beatification. A second miracle is needed for him to be made a saint.

'Something in the Air'
Father Joe Roesch, MIC, the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception's second general councilor and a resident of Rome, said, "Rome had been absolutely buzzing with anticipation all week leading up to the announcement. We were talking about it all week in the dining room of our house here because of the rumors that had been swirling around. Word was that the city of Rome was worried about an upcoming beatification with only a few months to plan because of the expected millions of people that would be coming.

"Everyone living here distinctly remembers the millions of people who had streamed to Rome for the funeral of John Paul II," Fr. Joe said. "It was said at the time that the number of people in the city doubled — there was a population of about 4 million and 4 million more came for the funeral," Fr. Joe continued. "Of course Rome survived that and they had less than a week to plan for that.

"The fact that the beatification will take place so soon after his death," said Fr. Joe, "is a tribute to the sanctity of this great man of God."

'Santo Subito'
Normally there is a five-year waiting period before the beatification process can begin. As was the case for the beatification of Blessed Mother Teresa, Pope Benedict waived this waiting time, sure that the investigation into the alleged miracle would be thorough.

During John Paul's funeral, the crowd chanted "Santo Subito!" or "Sainthood immediately!"

The two-year investigation into the cause for John Paul's beatification began two months after his death in April 2005 at the age of 84. It was then that Sr. Marie Simon Pierre Normand of the Little Sisters of Catholic Motherhood claimed she was cured from Parkinson's through the intercession of John Paul.

The nuns of Sr. Marie's order prayed for her through the intercession of Pope John Paul II, who himself suffered from Parkinson's disease, a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that impairs motor skills, cognitive processes, and other functions. She was 44 at the time and Parkinson's had reportedly made walking, writing, and driving nearly impossible for her. Her healing reportedly occurred in the evening hours between June 2-3. Marie Simon-Pierre has said that she felt "reborn" upon her healing and that she felt a special presence of John Paul II.

'The Great Mercy Pope'
The date set for John Paul's beatification is no surprise to anyone. His life was inseparable from the message of Divine Mercy and the writing of St. Faustina, the so-called "Apostle of Divine Mercy."

Known as the "Great Mercy Pope," John Paul said in 1981, "Right from the beginning of my ministry in St. Peter's in Rome, I considered this message [of Divine Mercy] my special task."

It was the theme of his second encyclical, "Dives in Misericordia" ("Rich in Mercy"), in 1980.

He defined Divine Mercy as "that love which is benevolent, which is compassionate, which raises man above his weakness to the infinite heights to the holiness of God."

In 1997, he spoke again of Divine Mercy while visiting the tomb of then Blessed Faustina, whose revelations of Christ's mercy have sparked the modern Divine Mercy movement. He noted how "the message of Divine Mercy has always been near and dear to me" and how it had, in a sense, formed the image of his pontificate.

When he was still Archbishop of Krakow, the future Pontiff initiated Faustina's cause of beatification. In 1993, as Pope, he beatified her. Then, in 2000 he canonized her as the first saint of the new millennium and also declared the second Sunday of Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday, an official feast day of the Church.

In August 2002, in Lagiewniki, Poland, where St. Faustina lived and died, he entrusted the entire world "to Divine Mercy, to the unlimited trust in God the Merciful."

The Decree of his Beatification notes, "Since the beginning of his pontificate, in 1978, John Paul II often spoke in his homilies of the mercy of God. This became the theme of his second encyclical, Dives in Misericordia, in 1980. He was aware that modern culture and its language do not have a place for mercy, treating it as something strange; they try to inscribe everything in the categories of justice and law. But this does not suffice, for it is not what the reality of God is about."

'What the World Needs'
On Vatican Television on Friday, Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, director of the Vatican press office, reflected on John Paul's life and 26-year pontificate, "characterized by the passion to make known to the world in which he lived — the world of our tragic history in the course of two millennia — the consoling and enthusiastic greatness of God's mercy.

"This is what the world needs," Father Lombardi said. "That is why we will have the joy of celebrating the solemn beatification on the day in which he himself wanted the whole Church to fix her gaze and prayer on this Divine Mercy."

Preparations are under way to move the mortal remains of John Paul to the main level of St. Peter's Basilica from its present site below the basilica, a mausoleum that houses tombs from the first centuries of the Church.

"It is still impressive to see the number of pilgrims who make a special trip down to the crypt to pray at the tomb of John Paul II," said Fr. Joe. "Many who stop to pray there then get up to leave and walk right past the site of the resting place of the mortal remains of St. Peter under the main altar.

"I often think that St. Peter and Pope John Paul II are sharing a laugh in heaven over this imbalance in interest and devotion! The new resting place for Pope John Paul II will be between the statue of the Pieta by Michelangelo and the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament. This is very appropriate because of Pope John Paul II's love of the Eucharist and of Mary."

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Jodi M - Jan 26, 2011

There was something special about Pope John Paul 11, I was not catholic and yet I was drawn to this man. I still feel a sense of love of peace, when I think of him.

Edwin Copingco - Jan 25, 2011

Message fron Divine Mercy Shrine in Krakow, Poland, to the parishioners of St John the Baptist Parish, Jimenez, Misamis Occidental, Philippines ( October 17, 2008 ) " I am very glad and rejoice in the Lord's Spirit that has shown to you his mercies and allowed you to consecrate the temple in honour of Divine Mercy. We also thank Him for the new blessed Fr. Michael Sopocko and with hope look at the three great apostles of Divine Mercy: St. Faustina, Blessed Sopocko and the Servant of God John Paul ll. May we follow the Lord as they did and may all of us grow in the spirit of merciful love and trust in Him." wishing you all the graces needed. s. salwatricze

Liza - Jan 24, 2011

I'm so happy for the late Pope John Paul II. When I went to Rome,I had the chance to pray in front of his grave. I knew after his death that he will become a saint because he was so holy . I have loved the Pope even when he was alive and same with our present Pope Benedict..

Anna Maria - Jan 24, 2011

I am so very happy of the beatification of our dear Pope John Paul ll. What a great person he was! We could see our Dear Lord Jesus in all his countenance! We are all so blessed to have had such a great Pope in our lifetime! May His Blessing and that of Saint Faustina come upon us, our families and the entire world! I will have a very special Birthday this year on May 1 . Thank you Jesus and Mary.

BarbaraAnn - Jan 22, 2011

In Saint Faustina's Diary, she wrote of the spark from Poland that would prepare the world for the second coming of Jesus. Many believe that spark is Pope John Paul II.

Jess - Jan 22, 2011

I got a kick out of MaryS' comment. PJP the Great does not need to be "beautified," he is already one of God's most beautiful creatures, but I sure am glad, like millions of people who love and admire him, that he will soon be beatified. PJP the Great, pray for us.

Joanne Stahlman - Jan 22, 2011

What a witness and earthly image of God -how many of us you have touched while here on earth. May the miracles of seeing all the people and coverage of your passing into eternity touch all of us once again as you are Beatified. Thank you Jesus and Blessed Mary for bringing another glimpse of heaven to earth during Our Pope John Paul II Beatification. Our world needs this more than ever!
We Love You and place all our trust in you!

susan - Jan 21, 2011


Margarita Gonzalez Weber - Jan 21, 2011

Yo le doy gracias a Dios Nuestro Senor que su Santidad Juan Pablo II sea canonisado Santo.Para muchos de nosotros el ha sido SAN JUAN PABLO II desde que fue elejido PAPA. Su humildad y su amor por la humanidad. A mi en lo personal por su intersecion en el ano 2006 que nos hizo el milagro de que mi hermana Raquel Gonzalez aui en Tucson Arizona se recuperara de un Massive stroke dejandola en estado de coma por seis semanas y con el diagnostico por los doctores de que cuando y si despertaba iva a ser un "vegetable" nosotros les dijimos a los doctores que nosotros creiamos an milagros y que se le hiciera todo lo posible a mi hermana. Mi hermana fue transladada a un hospital de rehabilitacion. Gracias a Dios y a la intersecion de su Santidad Juan pablo II mi hermana se recupero y fue a ver a su doctor usando su andador y platicando en su primera visita. Si hubieran visto la expresion del Dr.James Pain(Neurologo secialista) cuando le dije y ahora Dr. cree usted en milagros? mi hermana no solo leia el periodico de principio al fin sino que tambien jugaba en la computadora sin miedo a cometer errores pues era parte de la terapia que recivia, tener su mente y cerebro siempre ocupado. Tambien nos correjia si deciamos o no pronunciabamos bien las palabras. Su Santidad Juan pablo II intercedio por mi hermana una vez mas al sufrir otro STROKE en el 2008. El dr, dijo "pudo suceder un milagro antes pero no dos" mi hermana volvio a salir de este por intersecion una vez mas de Su Santidad Juan Pablo II. Son tantos favores que mi familia y yo en lo personal hemos recivido. Para nosotros su Santidad Juan Pablo II ha sido un Santo desde hace muchos anos y nos hizo devotos de LA DIVINA MISERICORDIA y mas firmes creedores del PODER DE LA ORACION. Yo tengo muchas cosas que agradecerle a Su Santidad Juan Pablo II que quisiera compartir con todos ustedes ya que yo le habia prometido a su Santidad Y A LA DIVINA MISERICORDIA y espero que algun dia me lo permitan hacer pues los MILAGROS de mi hermana Raquel son muy portentosos. Gracias San Juan Pablo II, yo seguire rezando y promoviendo tu oracion que dice "ORACION PARA IMPLORAR FAVORES POR INTERCESION DEL SIERVO DE DIOS EL PAPA JUAN PABLO II"

paula calabrese - Jan 21, 2011

Iwill be praying for hime and asi cant make this trip I wll defiantly go to mas on divine mercy Sunday. Praise Be to God Our Sarcred Heart of Jesus and the Divine mercy.

Brother Leonard Konopka MIC - Jan 19, 2011

Here in Washington DC, we are totally overwhelmed with the announcement. It seems that the Our Lord is providing the world another opportunity to become even more aware of His infinite Mercy.

Pope Benedict could have chosen so many other memorable days, but instead has made a point of bringing attention to the need for mankind to become even more aware of His mercy. He also seems to have chosen Divine Mercy Sunday in order to affirm Pope John Paul's unique role in this entire effort.

Just as St. Faustina cannot be separated from the history of Divine Mercy devotion, the role of Pope John Paul II now becomes similarly entrenched and inseperable.

We thank God for providing the world another opportunity to be grateful for the great gift of our beloved Holy Father Pope John Paul II. May Our Lord in His mercy, grant that even more souls be drawn to His mercy with the beatification of Pope John Paul II.

barb - Jan 19, 2011

I am soooo happy to know that our beloved Holy Father John Paul II will beatified in my lifetime! And on Divine Mercy Sunday, no less! I was blessed to see him four times-once in Philadelphia in 1976 as Cardinal Wojtyla (a seminary classmate of his was a priest in my diocese, and I went on a bus trip led by him to the Eucharistic Congress that year) and three times as Pope in Rome (1979, 1981 and 1983). I got two wonderful photos of him at the audiences on the first two visits. I also sent him cards nearly every Christmas of his papacy-and I always got an acknowledgment in return! Thanks be to Jesus and Mary for letting this come about! I wish that I could fly to Rome on May 1st!

Jennie - Jan 19, 2011

Both articles leave me in AWE and SPEECHLESS!!!!!!!! This is so INCREDIBLE!!! WORDS CAN NOT EXPLAIN! WE ARE SO VERY BLESSED BY GOD TO HAVE 0UR BELOVE POPE BEATIFIED IN OUR TIME! AND WE ARE SO VERY BLESSED BY GOD IN SO MANY, MANY WAYS! IT WILL BE AN EXCITING DAY FOR OUR BELOVED POPE! One can only imagine, when thinking back how humble Pope John PaulII was when he was asked to accept if he was nominated and elected pope. He is probably doing the same thing in Heaven!
Mother Mary has held his hand all through his life. I could go on and on!! I JUST KNOW LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, IT WILL BE A GREAT AND BLESSED DAY!!!!! WOW!Thank you Lord, and Momma Mary!!!

MARIA CARLOS - Jan 19, 2011

Yes indeed, an event we all been waiting for. Our cenacle grp here in Brantford is just in a Cloud 9 upon hearing about his beatification. Since the start of our cenacle group 5 years ago, it has been in our regular weekly prayer intentions to pray for his canonization and is also interceding for us. A lot of miracles had happened since then esp. with our prayers for little ones/babies. The very first miracle he did was with Baby Claire. She is a grandkid of one of the members and with Pope JP2 intercession....she is very much alive and healthy toddler now. PRAISE BE TO THE MERCY POPE AND JESUS THE DIVINE MERCY. AMEN.

maryS - Jan 19, 2011

At long last Our beloved Pope John Paul II will be beautified, I am praying for him to become a saint. Father in heaven please make our beloved Pope to become a saint the soonest the better Father God.God bless.