FINCH Flies High with Family

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Katie Keenan teaches her children about Divine Mercy by keeping the concepts simple and basic, for example, showing that sharing toys or using kind words are merciful acts.

By Katie Keenan

I have been teaching my kids The Divine Mercy Chaplet for about a year now. I have four young kids, and talking to them about Divine Mercy is so inspiring. Suddenly, everything we teach our kids about being kind, forgiving, praying, sharing toys, and the like has much greater meaning.

The acronym FINCH (Feast, Image, Novena, Chaplet, Hour) from Fr. Joseph, MIC, published in the Spring 2012 edition of Marian Helper magazine, is genius at work. It was divine intervention to come up with that idea.

I want to take the idea and spread it to my kids, friends, family, and teachers at our Catholic school. It's simple, and I think through kids, we will also be able spread it to adults.

We can practice Divine Mercy every day all year long by showing acts of mercy in reparation for sin, for the souls in purgatory, toward others, and for our needs. Teach kids the following ideas to show acts of mercy:

• Sharing toys
• Using kind words
• Obeying your mother and father
• Being the first to help another in need
• Putting themselves last (to eat, get in thecar, etc.)
• Forgiving immediately
• Standing up for what is right (speaking up for another child being picked on)
• Doing things around the house without being asked
• Teaching them about FINCH.

Parents can reward these acts of mercy by giving praise, attention, and speaking of their good deeds to others. Celebrate your work by sharing ice cream or some special treat. Maybe you can have a celebratory feast once a week when you and your kids talk about what you have done and how your prayers have been answered. Let your kids think of ways to show acts of mercy.

I often talk about prizes in heaven for things we do here on earth. Remind your kids that although their acts of mercy aren't always recognized here on earth, Jesus sees everything. The more acts of mercy we do on earth, the greater the prize in heaven.

We then talk about how great and beautiful heaven is and that we cannot imagine what amazing gifts He has for us. Just thinking about it gets the kids excited! We talk about the most beautiful things we know of and see here on earth, then we build on that idea of what it might look like in heaven.

We perform works on mercy for neighbors and friends by doing things such as inviting them over for dinner, making food for someone, bringing out a neighbor's trash can on trash day, visiting the sick, smiling to a stranger ... the list goes on and on. The point is that we can incorporate mercy into our daily lives easily and effectively.

Katie Keenan lives in Durham, N.H.

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Rick - Nov 9, 2018

Katie, thanks so very much for sharing your efforts in sharing The Divine Mercy message...I am writing this in front of The Real Presence in our Adoration chapel...having recently spent time at The National Shrine of The Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, MA, with a true ambassador of DM from our parish. She is so grateful when she learns that others are sharing the message with their children, as she does with her own. May The Good Lord bless you and your family abundantly. Peace, Agape, & God bless, Rick.

Tom Houston - Jul 31, 2012

An idea, for the use of this acronym:

Some times when I am in a group I might ask - if the group knowns about the new channels for the outpouring of HIS (JESUS) grace?

When questioned about this ,which happens most of the time, I explain the FINCH (acronym).

And if I have a tri-fold "Devotion to the DIVINE MERCY I will given them one.

This most always leads to a fuller discussion.

This ( acronym) is a good use in you daily life to tell some one about His mercy as He request "Proclaim to the whole world My unfathomable mercy" diary 301

Remember " Mankind will not have peace until it turns with trust to My mercy".
diary 300

He also says. "Do whatever is within your power to spread devotion to My mercy..." diary 1074.

So good luck in use of this acronym often.

Jesus. I Trust In You!

tom houston tx - Jul 22, 2012

I agree.

I have been telling people since I read it also: in

The acronym FINCH (Feast, Image, Novena, Chaplet, Hour) from Fr. Joseph, MIC, published in the Spring 2012 edition of Marian Helper magazine,

Adults need to know also. This is quick and straight forward way of explaining the Divine Mercy. TRY IT.

After you tell them the acronym , ask them if they have any questions.

If you carry the Devotion to the Divine Mercy tri-fold give the adults a copy.


Bea - Jul 20, 2012

Inspiring and beautiful!