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s Catholics, we take the Real Presence of
Christ in the Eucharist as a matter of
faith. But a recent presentation at the
National Shrine of The Divine Mercy, in
Stockbridge, Mass., provided evidence for non-
believers that the Real Presence should be taken
as a matter of fact.
At the invitation of the Marian Fathers of the
Immaculate Conception, famed scientific
researcher Ricardo Castanon, Ph.D., presented
findings of Eucharistic miracles and other phe-
nomena. As Western society’s drift from religion
continues, Dr. Castanon says, these findings
should prompt a dialogue between science and
faith, two systems of thought frequently viewed
as being at loggerheads.
“After you see this, your Communion will not
be the same because you will see a miracle,” Dr.
Castanon, a native of Bolivia, told a full house at
the Shine on Tuesday, Dec. 11, in introducing
his presentation. “You will see that when Jesus
says [in the Gospels], ‘This is My Body,’ that this
is the truth.”
From atheist to believer
President and researcher of Grupo
Internacional para la Paz in Bolivia, a non-profit
organization consisting of self-financed research
professionals, Dr. Castanon was a professed
atheist until 20 years ago, soon after he was
called upon to investigate mystical phenomena,
including stigmata, weeping statues, and bleed-
ing Hosts. Aman whose discipline demands that
claims be substantiated by science, Dr. Castanon
initially expected to find cases of fraud, but
instead—after meticulous study—discovered
findings that science could not explain.
His research continues to this day and
includes a reported Eucharistic miracle in
Buenos Aires, Argentina, involving a Host tha
developed coagulated blood and flesh. A neur
psychophysiologist (an expert in relating the
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In the News:
Famed researcher speaks at Shrine
In his presentation titled, “Eucharistic Miracles: A Dialogue Between Science and Faith,” Dr. Ricardo
Castanon provided findings that would make any skeptic think twice. The famed scientific researcher
spoke to a full house on Dec. 11 at the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, Mass.
A matter of faith,
a matter of fact
In Shrine talk, researcher reveals findings of Eucharistic miracles.
by Felix Carroll
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