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n Dec. 8, the
solemnity of
the Immaculate
Conception, the Marians
welcomed their newest
priest, as “Deacon”
Ronald LynnMcBride,
MIC, became “Fr.” Ronald
LynnMcBride, MIC. He is
now serving at one of the
Marian Fathers’ parishes
in the Midwest.
“This has been an
amazing journey for me,”
said Fr. Ron, following the
Mass of ordination at Our Lady of Peace Church
in Darien, Ill., with the Most Rev. R. Daniel
Conlon, Bishop of the Diocese of Joliet, Ill., presid-
ing as the main celebrant and ordaining bishop. “I
have had so many people praying for me, and I am
so grateful to God.”
Father Ron’s late vocation in his 60s distinguishes
him from the many younger Marian seminarians.
He’s amanwho has survived two failedmarriages
and once lived a lifestyle that was far fromGod.
In his darkest days in the 1990s, having
nowhere else to turn, he imploredMary as Our Lady
Refuge of Sinners, “Please
bringme back to Jesus.”
The Blessed Mother
responded, and his
reconversion to the
Catholic faith, which bears
powerful witness to the
mercy of God, led him to
religious life as a professed
brother and eventually
to the priesthood.
It all culminated for
himwhen he was ordained
to the sacred order of the
priesthood before family,
friends, and fellowMarians.They included his two
daughters—AngelaHenson and Lyssa Seale. At 69,
Fr. Ron is the onlyMarian Father in the United States
who is a “father,” grandfather, and great grandfather.
He is serving at Our Lady of Peace Church,
where he was ordained.
“We are so blessed to have him here,” said Fr.
Walter Dziordz, MIC, the pastor, emphasizing how
valuable Fr. Ron’s life experience is in his ministry
to parishioners.
In the News:
Marians around the World
Newest Marian priest serves in Midwest
Consecrating his entire heart, soul, and life to the
Lord for the glory of God and the sanctification of
God’s people, “Deacon” Ronald McBride, MIC,
became “Fr.” Ronald McBride, MIC, on Dec. 8, at
Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church in Darien, Ill.
Founder’s canonization process begins
The diocesan process for the canonization
of Marian Father Founder Blessed Stanislaus
Papczynski got under way on Nov. 16, says
Marian Vicar General Fr. Joe Roesch, MIC.
Marians and their Helpers are being asked to
pray, entrusting the success of the process to
Mary Immaculate, the patroness of the
Marian Congregation.
The diocesan process involves the exami-
nation of an alleged miracle through Blessed
Stanislaus’s intercession. No details of the
case can be released at this time. If examiners
find cause for its validity, the case could even-
tually be sent to the Vatican for review.
A late-summer NACOM out West
Though plans were not finalized as of press
time, the Marians have announced that this
year’s North American Congress on Mercy
(NACOM) will take place in late summer on
the West Coast. Such continental congresses
are celebrated after World Apostolic
Congresses on Mercy (WACOM), the last of
which was held in October 2011 in
Lagiewniki, Poland.
Marian U.S. Provincial Superior, the
Very Rev. Fr. Kazimierz Chwalek, MIC, says
the event will most likely take place in
California and will be presented in both
English and Spanish.
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