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Fr. Joseph’s
dream come true
You can order a quality, affordable Divine Mercy image for your home.
t’s time for some firsts. For starters, this is
the first time I’m writing a cover story,
the first time I’ve volunteered to write an
article, and the first time I’ve really looked
forward to writing one. In fact, I’ve never
been so excited to write! Why? Because of
another “first” that I’m eager to tell you about.
I’m overjoyed to announce that for the first
time, the Marian Fathers are offering a brand
new, freshly restored, stunningly beautiful,
gallery-wrapped DivineMercy image onmuseum-
quality canvas — all for an incredibly low
price and at a size ideal for display in homes.
Forgive me if this sounds like a commercial.
It’s just that I really want to share this great
news with you as a Marian Helper. For me, it’s
a dream come true. Imagine the impact of
such a beautiful Divine Mercy image being
displayed and venerated by the faithful in
thousands of homes across our land. Imagine
the image in your home.
The Marians restore the image
Before I share with you about the canvas
Divine Mercy image we are offering, I want to
say something about the image itself and why
it’s so amazing.
First of all, there are various versions of the
Divine Mercy image, which is a blessing. After all,
Jesus told St. Faustina, “Not in the beauty of the
color, nor of the brush lies the greatness of this
image, but inMy grace” (
, 313). However,
there’s only one image of Divine Mercy that St.
Faustina herself directed to have painted. This
special painting is known as the “Vilnius image,”
because it was painted in the city of Vilnius,
located inmodern day Lithuania. The Vilnius
image, which is based on St. Faustina’s eyewit-
ness account of the Merciful Jesus, is by far my
favorite version of the image of Divine Mercy—
but there was a time when I didn’t like it at all.
For years, the original Vilnius image hung in
a church where the flickering light of votive can-
dles illuminated it day and night. Unfortunately,
with time, a thick layer of soot formed on the
surface of the painting, darkening it. The first
Divine Mercy prayercard I ever saw reproduced
this soot-covered painting. There was little trace
of the power of the Resurrection gloriously
breaking through the darkness. Instead, the
by Fr. Joseph, MIC
• S
2013 •
Rob and Jennifer Kestyn and their children Meredith and Emily hang the image of Divine Mercy in their
home. They chose to hang the image by the front door, so they could venerate it every day before heading out.
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