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on gallery-wrapped canvas
at an affordable price
What price? Without hesitation, I knew it
had to be $19.95. Why? Because, I figured, 20
dollars was a price that most people could afford.
Not surprisingly, though, when I mentioned this
price goal to others, they laughed. In fact, one
joked, “Sure, you can sell gallery-wrapped,
canvas images at that price, but they’ll have to
be the size of a stamp!” Well, I certainly didn’t
intend to sell
Divine Mercy
images. So, I
settled on what I
believe is the
perfect-size image
for a home, 10"
x 18", and I called
a meeting with
two of my Marian
brothers, Br. Chris
Alar, MIC, and
Mark Fanders, a
member of the
Before entering
the Marians, both
Br. Chris and
Mark had been
very successful in
the business
world, and they’d
left everything to
help spread the
message of Divine
Mercy. I figured
that they could help make my dream a reality. To
my disappointment, though, the meeting didn’t
start out well. When I told themmy goal —
gallery-wrapped, canvas images for $19.95—
they said it couldn’t be done. I told them it had to
be done, and they said, “Okay.”
The dream comes true
With the help of our printshop manager,
Charlie Parise, Br. Chris and Mark found a spe-
cial canvas process that would allow us to print
our Divine Mercy image on museum-quality
canvas in such a way that the image would be
waterproof, smudge-proof, and fade-proof
(guaranteed not to fade for 50 years). Just one
problem: The process was relatively expensive,
and they told me I’d have to raise the price. I
said, “No. It’s got to be $19.95. Please find a
way.” Again, they said, “Okay.”
After weeks of research, Br. Chris and Mark
came up with a plan whereby we could sell
10" x 18" gallery-wrapped images for $19.95
— but we’d have to bring the entire production
process in house. I said, “Alright, then let’s
make it happen.”
So, working with the head of maintenance
on Eden Hill, the guys were able to find a way to
rotate our maintenance staff to produce the
images during slower work times, such as the
winter months. Also, working with Francis
Bourdon, executive director of the Marian
Helpers Center,
they were able to
find a way to
rotate office staff
to produce the
images during the
slower work times
in the office, such
as the summer
months. Great!
We now had our
labor force, but
just one last prob-
lem: the cost of
the equipment.
Mark and Br.
Chris explained to
me that unless
someone donated
the capital to
purchase the
needed for the
whole in-house
process — the
machine, canvas
supply, wood, special printer, shipping materials,
and work stations — then we wouldn’t be able
to begin the work. Well, we turned to the Lord in
prayer, and on the very morning when we were
to make the decision, a Marian Helper called one
of our Marian priests. For some reason, she felt
she should call, adding, “Do you need any help?”
This priest asked her to call me, and when I told
her about the project, she immediately commit-
ted the amount we needed to get started!
So, thanks to God and the help of so many
people, I’m overjoyed to announce that you can
now order an unbelievably beautiful, canvas,
gallery-wrapped 10" x 18" Vilnius Divine Mercy
image for just $19.95 (plus shipping and han-
dling)! I see this as one of the Lord’s special gifts
to you for your home for theYear of Faith. As for
me, it surely is a dream come true.
In addition to the special offer for the 10" by 18" Vilnius
image, we are also offering the Hyla and Skemp versions of
the image, along with an image of Mary Immaculate.
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