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How the Polaskys’ devotion to St. Joseph has involved their adoptive children.
ust before her 40th birthday
in 2008, Amy Polasky’s hus-
band, Doug, surprised her
with the following proposal:
“Honey, I’d like to take you on
a trip, just the two of us, any-
where in the world you’d like to
go. You name the place.”
Amy was elated, but she
needed time to think about
a destination.
During the next few days, she
thought of a number of foreign
destinations: Austria? Prague?
South America? But her mind
kept returning to one place that’s
not a typical vacation spot. It
wasn’t so much a “place” she felt
drawn to but rather a saint. She
wanted to spend her birthday
with St. Joseph.
“I want to go to St. Joseph’s
Oratory in Montreal,” she announced to
her husband.
Doug furrowed his brow.
“—and I want to bring the kids,” Amy
added, excitedly.
So, Canada—with the kids — it was.
It should have come as no surprise, really.
That common carpenter from Nazareth,
whom God the Father entrusted with the pro-
tection of His only begotten
Son, has served as a powerful
intercessor and a great model of
family life for the Polaskys.
A birthday with St. Joseph
Amy’s birthday trip only fur-
ther fortified the relationship.
Upon entering the cavernous,
heavenly St. Joseph’s Oratory, the
Polaskys marveled at the wall
displayed with thousands of
crutches and other artifacts from
over the years of those who came
to the basilica and were reportedly
healed through the intercession
of St. Joseph. Amy, herself,
experienced a miracle within a
week following the pilgrimage
when a complicated prayer
intention she brought before St.
Joseph was answered precisely in
the manner for which she had prayed.
She prefers to keep that prayer confidential.
Suffice it to say, though, Amy strongly recom-
mends turning in prayer to St. Joseph. He
being the Patron Saint of the universal
Church, the Patron Saint of the Worker, and
head of the household for the Holy Family,
she says, St. Joseph stands ready to help in all
matters but particularly in matters related to
by Felix Carroll
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