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employment, family, and providing for family.
“God is so good,” says Amy, who lives in
Green Bay, Wis., “and He chooses to work so
powerfully through St. Joseph, in a manner
that can take your breath away.”
In a manner of speaking, Our Lady led
Amy to a devotion to St. Joseph. After all, she
went to a grammar school named Notre
Dame (French for “Our Lady”) and from there
graduated to none other than an academy
named after St.
Joseph. Her affection
for St. Joseph intensi-
fied shortly before
she and Doug
became parents in
2005, when they
began to contemplate
the enormity of the
responsibilities that
parenthood entailed.
In pursuing adop-
tion, the Polaskys
sought St. Joseph’s
intercession to be the
parents of a boy from
Guatemala. There
were many obstacles,
and all indications
were that the boy
would go to another
family. It turned out
those plans fell through, and Amy and Doug
were awarded custody. His birth name was
Jose. The Polaskys changed it to the English
equivalent: yep, Joseph.
Intercessor and model for family life
But why this affinity for St. Joseph?
In short, because St. Joseph was strong,
humble, loyal, a protector, and a steadfast
guardian. He was a man of prayer, a father,
and a husband with a heart full of love and
self-sacrifice. Certainly, no one more than St.
Joseph can relate to the enormity of parental
responsibilities. Despite the duty God gave
him, which entailed nothing less than the
radical redirection of his life, St. Joseph
remained unwavering in his trust of the Lord
and in his love for Jesus and Mary.
“I read a lot about what mystics and
historians say about St. Joseph,” says Amy,
who is a longtime supporter of the Marians’
mission in Rwanda. “Saint Joseph took such
good care of Jesus when He was growing up. I
think he had an absolutely mind-boggling
mission to protect our Lord and Our Lady and
to provide for them. He knows what it’s like
when anyone’s child is in danger. His Child
was literally being hunted [by King Herod],
and he instantly sprang into action.”
Not to mention: Jesus was an
Son of
Joseph. Though not His biological father,
St. Joseph embraced Jesus as his own. That
makes St. Joseph all the more meaningful
for the Polaskys, who adopted their second
child, Mary Katherine, in 2007.
“Sometimes I look at these children, and I
cannot believe God has entrusted these treasures
to us,” Amy says. “I watch them sleep, and my
eyes well up with tears. I think, ‘What have I
done to deserve such
a gift?’ I can’t imagine
what St. Joseph
experienced when he
got up to check on
Jesus in the night.
Even though his Child
was God, the Holy
Family was like regu-
lar families are today
inmany respects.”
the children
Amy and Doug’s
devotion to St.
Joseph has rubbed
off on their children.
For instance, on All
Saints Day, the stu-
dents at their son’s
school dress up as favorites saints. Joseph
always chooses St. Joseph.
“We try to make the Holy Family as
tangible as possible for our kids,” Amy says.
Amy recommends that families keep a
statue of St. Joseph in a place of honor in their
homes. She recommends that, through prayer,
they invite St. Joseph to enter their homes,
spiritually, to protect them, guide them, and help
keep themholy and ready to serve God as he did.
She also recommends that, as we prepare
to celebrate St. Joseph's feast day on March
19, families pray a novena to him, entrusting
their prayer intentions to him. To include
your intentions in the Novena to St. Joseph
at the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy,
call 1-800-462-7426.
“Saint Joseph is such a powerful interces-
sor,” Amy says. “After the Virgin Mary, there
is no more powerful saint with the Lord. I can
honestly say that any time I have turned to
him in prayer, my intentions have been granted.
It might not have been in the way I had envi-
sioned or in the time frame I wanted, but in
those instances, the result was even better
than I could have hoped.”
Amy continues, “Go to St. Joseph and
trust that your prayers will be heard. God
trusted St. Joseph with His only Son. We
can trust him, too.”
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Mary Katherine Polasky holds a St. Joseph statue
as she sits next to her brother Joseph. “This statue of
St. Joseph is from their native Guatemala and is special
to our family,” Amy says.
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