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s a gift for our time, Jesus has given us
the image of Divine Mercy. In this issue,
I’ve written the cover story about a spe-
cial offer involving the image. I thought I’d also
share with you in this column about one man’s
miraculous experience of Divine Mercy through
this powerful image. His name is Ron Ragelis,
and last October, he found himself in the path of
a terrifying storm. Here is his account.
Late in the evening of Oct. 29, within hours
of the brunt of Superstorm Sandy’s landfall
in New London, Conn., my immediate neigh-
borhood was ordered to evacuate by the local
authorities. My residential property is within
200 yards of the seawall and beachfront. Tidal
surges of up to 11 feet were predicted, with
sustained heavy winds of more than 80 miles
per hour, all at lunar high tide.
As I prepared an emergency duffle bag for a
few days’ exodus frommy home, I pondered
additional protective measures for my property.
Two more actions needed to be taken before my
evacuation. I shut off the furnance, and then to
invoke the Divine Mercy (Jesus Himself), I
removed the framed, canvas Divine Mercy image
(the Vilnius version) frommy mantlepiece.
Then, I walked out to the backyard veranda
with the image in hand. With no rain or sea-
spray yet that could damage the image, I held it
face up toward heaven and made the Sign of
the Cross, with the image facing
the direction of the oncoming
storm. While I was making
the Sign of the Cross, I began
to recite the Divine Mercy
Chaplet — using the same
words in the
that St.
Faustina prayed to turn
back the avenging angel
who was about to
strike the earth. I
then returned the
image to the
locked the front door, and left.
When I was allowed to return to my house a
day and a half later, I had to park my car a
block away due to the massive damage from
the tidal surges and heavy winds. This damage
included but was not limited to downed
electrical wires, trees, transformers, blasted-
out seawalls, structural damage to homes,
debris, and tons of beach sand that had been
displaced on the main waterfront access road.
I crossed over the police line to my street
and walked to my residential property. To my
amazement, there was no damage to my house
or grounds. Even the 21 beautiful Canadian
Emerald Green Arborvitae that line the rear
water side of my property were untouched. In
comparison, the houses that surround mine
sustained either fallen trees, roof damage, or
basement flooding. Upon further inspection of
my house, there was no loss of power or water
in the basement, and I turned on the furnace
without incident.
The street adjacent to my property, which
provides direct access to the seawall and beach-
front, revealed more telling evidence. The sea
surge had stopped right at my property line.
This was evident for two main reasons. First,
the debris field of sand, seaweed, and salt film
stopped right at my property line. Secondly, my
immediate neighbor (who did not evacuate and
who is located to the rear of my property
toward the water) stated that the surge of
seawater had stopped at my property line.
I believe with 100 percent certainty that
Jesus, via the image of Divine Mercy and
invoked with the chaplet, protected my
property. In the Divine Mercy image, we see
Jesus’ foot stepping toward us and His right
hand raised in blessing. Jesus calls us to
respond to Him as He steps toward us. With
His arm raised in blessing, He gives us the
grace to act in trust.
Moved by grace, as the storm approached, I
asked Jesus for help and placed my trust in
Him. He took care of the rest.
Wr i t e s
Father Joseph
“Father Joseph, MIC,” is the honorary title of the director of
the Association of Marian Helpers. The current director is
Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC.
The power of the image
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