Marian Helper Winter 2015-2016

Marians of the Immaculate Conception A SSOCIATION OF M ARIAN H ELPERS STOCKBRIDGE, MA 01263 Enjoy the sweet things in life I’m finding unexpected benefits to retirement, like having more time with my granddaughter. Thanks to my gift annuity, I know I have some extra income to enjoy the sweet things in life. Set up a gift annuity t o support the worldwide ministries of the Marian Fathers. Gift annuity rates are determined by your age. Once set, your rate will never change. Here are some examples of rates you would receive if you act now: Age 60 .... 4.4% Age 65 .... 4.7% Age 70 .... 5.1% Age 75 .... 5.8% Age 80 .... 6.8% Age 85 .... 7.8% To see if we offer gift annuities in your state, contact Ellen Miller: 1-800-462-7426, press 5 Ellen Miller, director for Special Gifts, explains gift annuities.