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The Divine Mercy Apostolates represent

four unique lay outreaches of the Marian

Fathers of the Immaculate Conception.

They bring the

message of Divine Mercy

to communities throughout the world.

For more information, call 1-866-895-3236

or visit

of Guadalupe, and a crucifix hangs in every room. The

centers’ mission statements say his practices follow the

Church’s teachings on abortion and contraception.

Dr. Delgado believes that spiritual, physical, and

psychological health are all intrinsically connected. As

such, doctors must play a role that’s part pastor.

“Both doctors and priests also have a special kind of

privilege, on the grounds of confidentiality, to ask the

questions that are sometimes difficult for people to con-

front,” he said.

In 2000, he used his pro-life initiative to found

COLFS, which offers supportive counseling, free ultra-

sounds, free pregnancy tests,

and a variety of other free

medical services to women in

unplanned pregnancies.

“It’s dedicated to being

strongly pro-life, along with

focusing on the emotional,

physical, and spiritual health of

members of the community,”

Dr. Delgado said. “I wanted

to create an organization that

would help women navigate the difficult waters in crisis

pregnancy situations.”

Dr. Delgado said COLFS is the “flip-side” to

Planned Parenthood

because it provides a holistic and healthy

look at sexuality and reproduction.

“Everything we do is in the context of natural law,

which is God’s design of how to view our sexuality,” he

said. “Many people have told us they feel

pressured at clinics to have abortions.

Most of the time when women

chose abortion, it’s because they felt cornered.”

In 2012, Dr. Delgado said he received a call from

Texas about a woman who had taken the abortion pill

but immediately regretted the decision. The woman had

taken mifepristone, the first drug used in Mifeprex medi-

cation abortions. She had yet to take the second drug

used, misoprostol. Dr. Delgado said he directed her to a

local pro-life doctor and prescribed injections of proges-

terone, the “pregnancy hormone,” to inhibit the effects

of the mifepristone.

“I started thinking about my years of experience with

progesterone and how I’d used progesterone to try to

prevent miscarriage,” Delgado said.

Shortly after, Dr. Delgado published a report in the

Annals of Pharmacotherapy,

in which he treated seven

pregnant women with injections of progesterone after

they had taken mifepristone. Six of the women reported

successful births.

Once this study was published, Dr. Delgado said he


d c

reated to make infor-

mation about Abortion Pill

Reversal (APR) accessible

to women on a global level.

Their hotline, he said, gets

40-60 calls per month from

people with both general

questions and women

seeking the option to get

the progesterone treatment.

“The goal of this treatment

method and website is to pro-

tect and preserve innocent life while simultaneously

protecting and preserving the dignity of the mother,”

Dr. Delgado said.

The treatment’s success rate, he said, is about 60

percent — with 120 babies born after APR treatment.

(Eighty women who underwent the treatment are cur-

rently experiencing successful pregnancies, he said.) His

second study, published at the end of September in the

Annals of Pharmacotherapy

, will include this data.

While the APR is sometimes covered by insurance,

Dr. Delgado said when a woman cannot afford the

APR, they help her find local organizations to help

cover the treatment.

“We wouldn’t deny this treatment based on an

inability to pay,” he said. “Even when local organiza-

tions are not available or can’t cover the costs, we step

up to help.”


ave the date


The 12


Annual Divine Mercy Medicine,

Bioethics, and Spirituality Conference

will be held May 4-5, 2016, at College

of the Holy Cross in Worcester,

Massachusetts. Continuing education

credit is available for participants.

For more information, visit