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with the

Marian Fathers





‘There is peace in my home’

It had been 17 long and very traumatic years of

suffering with my marriage. The numerous crises

that affected our relationship never seemed to end.

Hardships followed daily.

My faith increased with each crisis. These hard-

ships would cause my husband to either turn

to alcohol or lose his temper. I prayed

endlessly for peace in my home.

When my husband quit his job,

our financial situation worsened.

I turned to Blessed Stanislaus

for help and, indeed, he inter-

ceded for me. I was incredibly

shocked when my husband

asked me to call a company

to recruit him. It only took

one phone call. They asked

for his information, and he

was quickly interviewed and

hired. He has been working

for the last three months and

he is very happy and has not

relied on alcohol.

There is peace in my home,

and I can finally sit and listen to

the silence.

— CB, email

Daughter finds new job

A month ago, my daughter

lost her job at the bank. She had

been working there for five years. I

remembered that

Marian Helper

has stories about graces

received through the intercession of Blessed Stanislaus.

I started asking him for his intercession. My daughter

received several interviews and finally got a job offer.

Her pay is less, but her hours are better. I will always be

grateful for his intercession.

— AR, email

Son promoted to sergeant

In th

e Spring 2014 issue of Marian Helper ,

I read about

the many graces received through the intercession of

Blessed Stanislaus. I immediately began to ask him to

intercede for my son who was studying and interview-

ing for a sergeant’s position with the local police

department. These positions only infrequently

become open, and many police officers

apply. Soon after, I received a phone

call from my son telling me that

Blessed Stanislaus had interceded

for him. After 20 years on the

force, he will assume his new

responsibilities as sergeant and

will continue his untiring loy-

alty, dedication, and service

to the community. Blessed

Stanislaus will be a constant

recipient of my daily prayers

of thanks.

— AK

Mother and sister

get good news

I asked Blessed Stanislaus to

intercede for the health of my family.

My sister was to have a colonoscopy,

and my mother had cysts in her kid-

ney and colon. My sister’s test went

well, and my mother’s cysts were

benign. I am thankful for the graces

received through Blessed Stanislaus.

— AS, Fremont, California


a Blessed Stanislaus prayercard


call toll free 1-800-462-7426. If you have received

graces through his intercession, please write: Br.

Andrew Maczynski, MIC, Vice Postulator of the

Marian Causes of Canonization, Stockbridge, MA

01263. Email

: [email protected]

Acknowledgements of

graces received through

the intercession o

f Blessed Stanislaus Papczynski,


1701, Founder of the Marians.