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ile this one under “The

More Things Change,

the More They Stay

the Same.”

As we look ahead to the

extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy c

alled by Pope Francis,

which begins Dec. 8, we find

it intriguing to look back at

another Jubilee Year. In the

cover story of the January

1950 issue of the


Helpers Bulletin

(the pre-

cursor o

f Marian Helper

magazine), the Marian

Fathers featured the

Church’s 25


Jubilee Year,

called by

Venerable Pope Pius XII,

which began on

Christmas Eve 1949.

In reflecting on the his-

torical nature of the Jubilee

Year, the

Marian Fathers

posed a fundamental chal-

lenge to themselves and

to our

Marian Helpers


live authentic Christian

lives. Together, let’s vow

to take up this challenge

once again, shall we?

Here’s an excerpt from

the cover story:


here is no mistaking the issue. Human efforts have failed to restore peace to the

world because men have not made their peace with God. These are crucial days in

which the world finds itself, scarcely having survived the brutal flagellation of a ter-

rible war and already facing a dark and critical future. All of us are urged during this Holy

Year to abandon sin, and in sorrow and repentance taste true spiritual joy. All of us are

exhorted to counteract the “spirit of the revolution” by the “revolution of the spirit.” All of

us are implored to pray fervently and frequently for all peoples that by contrition and humil-

ity they may find peace with God and by real charity find peace with their neighbor. …

Whoever you are dear friend, take to heart this urgent call of the Holy Father. Much

depends on your own participation in the spiritual rebirth that will save the world. Your

simple, fervent and oft-repeated prayers and your countless good deeds multiplied millions

of times the world over will rise like a pleasing sacrifice to God.