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The Rosary is a spiritual sword made by the Divine

Craftsman. Popes and saints have repeatedly emphasized

this reality. Pope Leo XIII stated very clearly: “The origin

of this form of prayer [the Rosary] is divine rather than

human.” The genius of this spiritual sword is that it is

easily memorized and can be prayed anywhere, anytime,

and in almost all circumstances. It encapsulates the life-

giving wonders of the Sacraments and the teachings of

the Church, and brings them into your home and into

every aspect of your life. The Rosary is mobile, portable,

and greatly feared by the enemy. Saint Louis de Montfort

once said: “The devils have an overwhelming fear of the

Rosary. Saint Bernard says that the Angelic Salutation

puts them to flight and makes all hell tremble.”

To pray the Rosary is to pray the Word of God. What

better devotional prayers could ever be said than the Our

Father and the Hail Mary? The words of the Our Father

came from the lips of Jesus Christ Himself. The words of

the Angelic Salutation were uttered on God’s behalf by a

holy angel (St. Gabriel). God has providentially arranged

for the majority of the prayers recited in the Rosary to

be directed to Mary, because it is through her that the

world received the instrument of our salvation, the flesh

of the God-Man. Through Mary’s cooperation with God,

the sacred Flesh and holy mysteries of the God-Man were

entrusted to the Church. Through Mary, the God-Man

has conquered the darkness and vanquished the evil one

forever. …

The Rosary is an evangelical tool that brings the light

of Christ into all situations. It has the power to bring

about world peace because the mysteries focus on the

Truth, that is, on Jesus Christ. The original purpose of

the Rosary, as revealed to St. Dominic by Our Lady, was

to combat heresy (false teachings). This clarification of

truth was not just meant for the 13 th century, but for all

time, since Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever

(see Heb 13:8). For this reason, Pope Leo XIII rightly

stated, “Our need of divine help is as great today as when

the great Dominic introduced the use of the Rosary of

Mary as a balm for the wounds of his contemporaries.”

In subsequent apparitions of Our Lady, as at Fatima,

Mary reiterated that the Rosary should be prayed every

day in order to help people return to Jesus Christ and

have peace. She even noted that the Rosary has the power

to stop wars. In light of that, it becomes plain that pray-

ing the Rosary benefits individuals,

families, and the entire world. Popes and saints have

incessantly taught this reality. Pope Leo XIII emphasized

the following in this regard: “The Rosary, if devoutly

used, is bound to benefit not only the individual but soci-

ety at large.”

The Rosary was born in an age of chivalry. The world

is once again in need of knights who are willing to fight

for truth and peace. Only truth will bring about world

peace. Today’s knight must use this spiritual weapon to

win people back to the light of the Gospel. ... The forces

of darkness in the world today threaten the very founda-

tions of human civilization, but they are no match for

the power of the Rosary. Historically, the Rosary has been

proven to overcome all falsehoods. A Rosary crusade and

a new Holy League are very much needed today to bring

the light and peace of Christ back into souls.

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