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You know the players. A Child born in Bethlehem in

a cold, uncomfortable manger. A mother smitten. A fos-

ter father whose eyes and allegiances are firmly fixed.

Angels of Heaven with a proclivity to startle. Three

magi at the point of no return. A worldly king enraged.

In the chill of a high desert evening, the world comes

to a standstill, but not for long.

You know the story. The Child is the Son of God,

our Savior, born of the Virgin Mary. Joseph, the humble

carpenter, has been chosen by God to be the protector

of the Holy Family. The magi are sent by King Herod on

a not-so-benevolent reconnaissance mission to size up

the situation.

When they arrive at the manger, it’s clear this new-

born King will baffle the world. They themselves are

stirred to bow before the Infant Jesus. Then, obeying the

injunction of an angel, they make haste for their home-

lands, refusing to aid and abet Herod and his ill intent.

The finest gift

we bring


f we can agree destabilization defines our world today, Christmas

cannot come quickly enough. This holy day marks the anniversary of

the birth of Christ, the most “destabilizing” event in human history —

and the only prism through which this mad world makes any sense.