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t felt like the height of Roman summer as Marian Press

author Susan Conroy arrived in Italy to take part in

the international media coverage surrounding

Mother Teresa’s Sept. 4 canonization.

The air conditioning in her

hotel room wasn’t working, but as she ironed her clothes

in preparation for the first of several interviews — indeed,

as a CBS News crew was setting up in an anteroom off the

hotel lobby — Susan wasn’t sweating it.

Despite the heat and having had no sleep in 24 hours,

the author of the new boo

k Praying with Mother Teresa: Prayers, Insights, and Wisdom of Saint Teresa of Calcutta

was calm, cool, and collected.

How did this quiet, unassuming, deeply prayerful

woman from South Portland, Maine, get to this point? It

took three mothers. Susan’s devotion to Mother Teresa is

overshadowed only by that of her own biological mother

(who once gave her a prayercard and holy books that

changed her life) and her spiritual mother, the Blessed

Virgin Mary, whom she says with a smile “is my book

agent” who continually opens doors for her.

This most recent door was huge. Millions around the

world had the opportunity to

listen to her share her experiences of her dear friend

Mother Teresa of Calcutta, not just on CBS News, but also

on NBC News, EWTN, and other news outlets.

Heaven and earth come calling

One of 10 children, Susan says Our Lady played a

big role for the Conroy family while she was growing

up. “Every night we would hear my father’s voice say,

‘Prayers,’ and we all knew where to go,” she said. They

would kneel before a painting of the Blessed Mother hold-

ing her Divine Child Jesus, and they would pray.

Susan said that her parents understood that their pri-

mary task was to help their children get to Heaven. “I

was taught that life on earth was a journey and that this

motherly love




By Joan Lamar

Susan Conroy talks about her time with St. Teresa.