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isn’t Heaven yet,” she says. “Even St. Thérèse used to say that life is our barque,

not our home.”

Back in the mid-1980s, when she was a student at Dartmouth College in

New Hampshire, Susan would receive weekly letters from her mother, Ruth,

back in Maine. In one such letter, Ruth enclosed a prayercard with a paint-

ing and words from Mother Teresa. It read:


all long for Heaven where God is, but we have it in

our power to be in Heaven with Him right now — to

be happy with Him at this very moment. But being

happy with Him now means: loving as He loves; help-

ing as He helps … serving as He serves … touching

Him in His distressing disguise.”

Susan read the prayer and thought to herself,

“Sign me up! I want to be happy with God now!”

She got right to it. This 21-year-old college student

packed a bag, boarded a plane, landed in Calcutta,

and ventured into its poverty-strewn and perilous

streets to seek out Mother Teresa. She volunteered

at Mother’s orphanages and at the famed Home

for the Dying.

Over the course of 11 years, Susan spent time in

both Calcutta and New York working alongside this

living saint, whom she said was “radiant with peace

and luminous with humility. You received graces just being in her company.”

In Rome, under the bright lights of CBS News, Susan was asked about this

Nobel Peace Prize winner — a slight woman who stood less than five feet tall,

but who built a towering legacy.

“She wasn’t aware of her own greatness,” Susan told CBS News correspon-

dent Seth Doane. “I felt like tapping her on the shoulder and saying, ‘Don’t you

realize how significant you are?’”

An agent

par excellence

Susan’s whirlwind canonization experience only underscored the role the

Blessed Mother has played in her life. Years ago, when she had completed her

first book and had no game plan for how to publish it, a friend informed her she

wouldn’t be able to publish a book without an agent.

Well, Susan said to herself, “I’ve never published a book before. I don’t have

an agent, and I don’t know how to get an agent.” So, she turned to the Blessed

Mother and asked, “Will you be my book agent?” She felt in her heart that the

Blessed Mother accepted the invitation with a smile.

“What’s the role of a book agent? It’s to open doors and make the right

contacts for you,” Susan says. “So who’s in a better position than the Blessed

Mother to open doors?”

Susan has now written 10 books with Holy Mother Mary as her agent.

Praying with Mother Teresa

broke the top five in Amazon’s bestsellers list in the

Catholicism category.

“I’m just her little helper,” Susan said. “That’s why it’s an honor to publish with

Marian Press and work with the Association of Marian Helpers. I have been walk-

ing with Mary for a long time, and now we’re walking with Our Lady together.”

Praying with Mother Teresa

can be ordered at


by calling 1-800-462-7426 (Product code: B32-PWMT).

Buoyed by the success of

authors Fr. Michael Gaitley,

MIC, and Fr. Donald Callo-

way, MIC, who have become

household names in the

Catholic world, the Marian

Fathers are expanding their

book publishing efforts under

their Marian Press label.

“In recent years, we’ve

published three to four titles

a year, and our goal now is

to expand to about 10 to 12

titles a year,” said Fr. Chris

Alar, MIC, director of the As-

sociation of Marian Helpers.

“We are working hard to find

authors who have something

to say to broader Catholic

audiences, while remaining

faithful to spreading the Mari-

ans’ devotion to Divine Mercy,

the Blessed Mother, and the

Holy Souls in Purgatory.”

This fall, Amazon had

three Marian Press books in its

top 20 Catholic titles, includ-

ing Fr. Donald’

s Champions of the Rosary (

which reached

number 1), Fr. Michael’s

33 Days to Morning Glory ,


Susan Conroy’s

Praying with

Mother Teresa.

Meanwhile, the book proj-

ects are piling up.

Upcoming Marian Press

releases include Dr. Robert


Mary: Who She Is andWhy She Matters; T



A Journey to Healing

through Divine Mercy

, medita-

tions for post-abortive healing;

and a book on athletes who

were drawn to the priesthood,

by Trent Beattie, an editor,

author, and journalist for the

National Catholic Register


Marian Press

hits it big






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Susan Conroy at Mother

Teresa’s canonization on

Sept. 4.