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Page Background Healthcare Professionals for Divine Mercy



e death of Archbishop Zygmunt Zimowski,

who served as

president of the Pontifical Council for Health CareWorkers

and for Health Pastoral Care. He died on July 13. He was

the author of the Marian Press title

O n the Way of the Suf- fering Person: God Has Visited His People.

The following is an

excerpt fro

mhis talk a

t the Healthcare Professionals’ annual

conference in 2015:

It is true indeed that life is a gift fromGod entrusted to

us as stewards. When we are in good health, we may

sometimes get the false impression that we are in con-

trol of everything, to the extent of even thinking that

we are the absolute masters of our own lives. However,

it takes an experience like that of serious illness, to real-

ize howmuch we depend on others, above all, on God.

This is a truth that is often obscured or challenged in

contemporary [secular] society.

Convinced of the therapeutic power of faith, the Chris-

tian tradition sees prayer as an instrument of healing.

Often people ask for healing, for grace, or for the capac-

ity to accept illness in a spirit of faith and conformity

with the will of God. Healing obtained through the

power of prayer has different forms [physical, emotion-

al, or spiritual]. Prayer truly contributes to transform-

ing illness into a journey of faith that gradually helps a

sick person to strengthen his or her relationship with

God, to learn the lesson of weakness and human limita-

tion, to have a renewed adherence to the fundamental

options of life, to grow in solidarity with those who suf-

fer, and to deepen faith in eternal life.

l l l

E ucharistic Apostles of The Divine Mercy


saw significant growth in the number of new prayer


in this Jubilee Year. The cenacle program inte-

grates St. Faustina’s


with Sacred Scripture and the

Catechism of the Catholic Church

. There are some 2,000

EADM cenacles worldwide.

Also, EADM recently shipped a 40-foot shipping con-

tainer of donated medical supplies to the Philippines,

where they were distributed to hospitals and nursing

homes. A second 40-foot container of medical supplies,

religious items, and clothing will arrive in Ukraine in

December. The Marian Fathers there will distribute the

goods to the needy.

If you would like Dr. Thatcher to speak at your church

or conference, or if you would like to receive a free packet

on how to start a cenacle, call 1-877-380-0727.

l l l

“Why is the Blessed Virgin Mary so important in the

Catholic faith? Protestant Christians ask this question of

Catholics all the time. But do we Catholics really know

how to answer it?”

So begins the latest Marian Press book by Dr. Robert

Stackpole, the director of the

John Paul II Institute of Divine Mercy. Mary: Who She Is and Why She Matters


available now

. See page 6

for more information.


Provide proper shelter.

The red and pale rays depicted in the

Divine Mercy Image

denote the blood and water that gushed from

Christ’s side at the Crucifixion. They represent the out-

pouring of mercy through the Sacraments of the Church;

the white ray for




which purify the

soul, and the red ray for the


which nourishes it.

Jesus told St. Faustina that these rays (or Sacraments)

“shield souls from the wrath of My Father. Happy is the

one who will dwell in their shelter, for the just hand of

God shall not lay hold of him” (


, 299).

Provide this most important shelter by taking your fam-

ily to


on a regular basis and attending Holy


as often as possible. Make visits to Jesus in the Blessed

Sacrament and allow them to bask in the rays of mercy,

even if only for a few short minutes.


Enthrone the Divine Mercy.

Formally claim ground for Christ by having a

simple ceremony that enthrones the Divine Mercy Image

in a place of honor in your home. Ideally, have the

home blessed and all family members sign a certificate

acknowledging His kingship. Jesus promises: “By means

of this Image I shall be granting many graces to souls; so

let every soul have access to it” (




Consecrate your family

to Divine Mercy.

We encourage everyone to recite the following prayer

of consecration: “O Jesus, You showed us Your infinite

compassionate love by exhausting the very last drop of

blood and water from Your body. From this day forward,

with full confidence, we entrust our families to Your

Divine Mercy. We abandon our past, our present, and

our future to You. We place into Your wounds all of our

wounds, which are caused by lack of love, understanding,

and trust. Jesus, expel Satan and all evil from our families,

free us from the consequences of sin, and protect us from

further harm. Heal our wounds. May our families learn to

venerate Your Divine Mercy Image so that they will never

perish but experience Your loving mercy. Amen.”


to learn more

about Mother of Mercy Messengers.