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Marie White of Piedmont, South Carolina, has been a

member of the Association

for less than two years. She

has already


55 friends and family members into

the Association so that they and their

intentions are remembered by the Marian Fathers in a Holy Mass


day here on Eden Hill in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Her

frequent requests for enrollments even inspired her hus-

band, Nicholas, to donate to the Association through an

IRA charitable rollover.

But Marie does more than


prayers. Indeed, if you

happen to be in her presence as the clock strikes 3 o’clock,

you’ll probably hear church bells clanging from inside

her purse. It’s the alarm on her phone to remind her that


Hour of Great Mercy

has arrived, the hour that recalls

Christ’s Death on the Cross. Time to pray!

“In this hour, I will refuse nothing to the soul that makes

a request of Me in virtue of My Passion,” Jesus tells St.


( Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska,


Daily, Marie prays th

e Chaplet of Divine Mercy,


intercessory prayer given t

o St. Faustina f

rom Jesus. What

a simple and effective way to remember to pray! Recently,

when I called Marie and Nicholas to thank them for a gift to

the Marian Fathers, which helps us to spread Divine Mercy

throughout the world, I could hear her church bells clang.

It was precisely 3 o’clock. How perfect is that?

Marie first learned about St. Faustina and Divine

Mercy from her parish priest, Fr. Dac Tran, when he

returned from a vacation in Vietnam and brought back


Image of Divine Mercy.

He soon began spreading devo-

tion to Divine Mercy among his parishioners at Our Lady

of the Rosary Parish. He was so dedicated that, as he was

preparing to leave the parish for a new assignment, “he

made the new pastor promise to keep an Image of the

Divine Mercy somewhere in the church,” Marie said. The

new pastor, Fr. Dwight Longenecker, “now has quite a

devotion to Divine Mercy, himself,” she said.

And now, in keeping with the request Pope Francis

made that dioceses build a lasting memorial to God’s mercy

to mark the extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy, Our

Lady of the Rosary is doing its part by constructing a new

church. The chapel on the lower level will be dedicated to

Divine Mercy. It’s all an answer to Marie’s prayers.

Marie’s daughter, Kristen— inspired by her mother

— also has a great devotion to praying the chaplet. And

whenever Kristen’s 6-year-old son, Preston,

hears those church bells clang, he knows

the hour is at hand. “It’s time to pray the

Divine Mercy,” he says excitedly.

The alarm has now resonated with

three generations. It’s an alarm that

reminds the Whites to

not be alarmed:

Our Lord is with us.


very day, I am blessed to speak with

Marian Helpers from all across the

country, and I’m inspired by how

they incorporate their faith into their lives,

sometimes without even realizing the

impact those actions can have on others.

Recently, I spoke with one Helper whose

devotion to prayer has already spread to

three generations in her family.



Ellen Miller is director for Special Gifts. To explore an IRA charitable rollover, contact her at:

Association of Marian Helpers, Stockbridge, MA 01263;

[email protected];

or (413) 298-1380.

Visit t

o learn more.





Marie White, with her husband, Nicholas; their daughter,

Kristen; and their grandsons Preston (center) and Joseph.





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