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After months, husband gets job

I am writing to tell you about a favor I believe I

received from Blessed George.

My husband is a computer consultant and works on

a freelance basis.

Usually, when he finishes a job, anot


comes pretty quickly. But in 2015,

months went by and nothing was

happening. We have a lot of debt,

so we both need to be working.

(I got downsized out of my job

of 14 years last year and was

able to get another one, but at

half the pay!)

I had read about Blessed

George in your maga-

zine, and the prayers he

answered happened to be

about needing and getting

jobs, so I thought I would

pray to him and ask him to

help us. I started, and about

three weeks into it, I came

home and my husband told

me he had a new assignment

starting that Monday. I’ve been

praying for months, and now right

after I started praying to Blessed

George, my prayers were answered.

I believe that God wanted him to be

the one to intercede for us. I am so

relieved and grateful.

— LC, Woodlyn, Pennsylvani


Brother’s kidney can be saved

Last November, my 60-year-old brother was told

he would have to lose a kidney due to infection. I told

him to carry the Blessed George prayercard with him

wherever he went, as a reminder to pray. This week his

specialist called and said his kidney could be saved. My

brother keeps the prayercard in his room. Also, my sis-

ter didn’t have a job for months. I asked Blessed George

to intercede, and two weeks ago she got a job she loves.

I pray for his intercession and for the Holy Souls in

Purgatory daily.

—AT, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Son gets the right job

I promised Blessed George that I would write to you if

my son received a job that was good for him.

One day I read the

Spring 2016 issue




. I saw Blessed George’s face, and I felt his eyes

looking directly at me. I read three stories about sons

finding good jobs, and I asked Blessed George to help my

son get the one that God had chosen for him.

A few

hours later, my son called me and


me that he had had interviews with

two companies that visited his col-

lege. His interviews took place

about the same time I first made

my prayer.

A few days later, my son

told me that another com-

pany had called him for an

interview. They flew him

in and paid for all his

expenses. They offered him

a position. And another

company also did the

same. Both offered him

a generous salary.

I believe that my son will

be doing the work that God

created him for and will allow

him to be economically self-suf-

ficient after years of hard work.

— DG, New York, New York


ister-in-law gets job

My sister-in-law had to resign from


teaching job six months ago due to a


ostile work environment. It was diffi-


ult as she had poured all of her efforts


to her work with little support from

her superiors. She applied to several

teaching positions, but younger, less-qualified applicants

seemed to be hired. Since she was working at temp jobs,

her finances were strained. I asked Blessed George to

intercede, using the prayercard you sent. I am happy to

report that my sister-in-law started her new teaching job

today that’s only a short drive from her home.

— JP, Lewiston, Maine





For a

Blessed George prayercard (


call toll free 1-800-462-7426. If you have received

graces through his intercession, please write: Br.

Andrew Maczynski, MIC, Vice Postulator of the

Marian Causes of Canonization, Stockbridge, MA

01263. Email:

[email protected] Acknowledgements of graces received through the intercession of Blessed George Matulaitis- Matulewicz, Renovator of the Marians (1871-1927).





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