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With the cover story of this issue of

Marian Helper


I am inviting you (urging you, actually) to join

together with the Marian Fathers to heed

Our Lady of Fatima’s call to pray the Rosary daily f

or peace.

As my fellow Marian

Fr. Dan Cambra l

ikes to

stress: “Our Lady of Fatima didn’t ask us to make

pilgrimages. She didn’t ask us to read a lot of books.

She asked us to do something that’s easy and acces-

sible to everyone — to children, to the educated,

to the uneducated, each of us in our own way. She

asked us to

pray the Rosary

for peace in the world.”

“Easy,” Fr. Dan called it.

“Easy?” you may be thinking to yourself.

“Yes, easy,” I say.

But I’m obliged to admit I used to find praying

the Rosary a little


, even tedious. I didn’t

understand it — all those Hail Marys, bead after

bead of Hail Marys. Even as I grew deeper in my

faith and began to seriously consider a religious

vocation, I tried diligently to hunker down

and make the Rosary a part of my daily

prayer life. But, despite my strong

devotion to Mary, when it came time

to pick up my rosary beads, all those

Hail Marys that lay ahead seemed

like such a formidable task. I

would often find excuses to

skip it all together.

It was not until

I first joined the

Marian Fathers that

everything suddenly

clicked. I recall I had

gathered with my future religious brothers to pray.

As we began to recite the Rosary together, God gave

me the grace to quiet my mind and simply listen.

As I listened to one Hail Mary after the other, Our

Lady spoke to my heart, telling me that those Hail

Marys are not the main point of the Rosary. Rather,

they serve as a “soundtrack,” per se. Ah-ha! This

soundtrack, beautiful and mesmerizing, is designed

to center our attention on the “plot” itself: the

biblical salvific events of Christ’s life and their close

connection with His Mother, the Blessed Virgin

Mary. It is as if the Hail Marys are the background

music we hear while watching a gripping movie,

and the mysteries are the plot we are to focus on.

That day, the

Mysteries of the Rosary

became alive

for me for the first time.

That day, I came to understand the power of the

Rosary. Not until you understand the


of the

Rosary can you love to


the Rosary. The intel-

lect precedes the will, as they say. It’s that easy!

I ask Our Lady to pray for us that we might be

faithful to the Rosary. With great trust and love, let

us pick up those beads daily. Let’s turn to Our Lady

of Fatima who confirms for us our role, and hers, in

bringing about a renewal of the world for the great-

er glory of God and the salvation of all.

“Father Joseph, MIC,” is the honorary title of the director


f the Association of

Marian Helpers. The current director


Fr. Chris Alar, MIC.


y dear Marian Helpers, we’re going to be talking and writing a lot in

the coming year about one of the most astounding occurrences in

modern times: Our Lady’s appearances a century ago in the tiny

village of Fatima, Portugal. As the director of the Association of Marian

Helpers, I consider it a responsibility — and an honor — to do so.