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What happened that caused you to become an

intercessor with the Divine Mercy?

In 1992, my daughter, Gerri, was 24 years old. She

had just started attending college to study nursing, and

she was dating a young man who wasn’t Catholic. She

had asthma really bad. One night she couldn’t breathe

and was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. She was

put on life support. I called my family, her boyfriend, and

our parish priest, and we gathered together around her

bed while our priest administered the Anointing of the

Sick. We spent the night repeatedly praying the Chaplet

of Divine Mercy because I knew that this was the most

powerful prayer to be said for those in need, especially

for the dying. The following day, the doctor informed us

that Gerri, who had slipped into a coma, had only a one

percent chance of living. I broke down.

Her boyfriend, John, broke down, too. I said to him,

“John, you might say to Jesus that if He saves her, you’ll

become a Catholic.” Every day we would pray the chap-

let at her bedside. Then, on the ninth day of our prayers,

she came out of her coma! She told us that while she was

in the coma, she had seen Jesus. She had never felt so

much love in her whole life. She said that she and Jesus

spoke about a lot of things, but all she could remember

was that He said, “The two most important things in

life are love and knowledge.” After that, she knew she

would never be afraid to die. Despite her not wanting to

leave Him, she was brought back to life. She said Jesus

appeared before her one last time, in her hospital room,

and assured her everything would be OK. Her asthma

has been under control since then!

She returned to college, received her degree in nurs-

ing and was inducted into the Nursing Honor Society.

John became Catholic, and they married soon after.

They now have four beautiful children. She has taught

them the chaplet, and they pray it together as a family.

Who have you prayed the chaplet for since then?

My first husband, Joseph, was not like my husband

now, Harry. Harry and I pray the chaplet together all









ime and time again, Patricia Cassidy of Dover Plains,

New York, has been given heavenly assurance that

Jesus keeps His promises to those who pray the

Chaplet of Divine Mercy

— an intercessory prayer given

to the world through

St. Maria Faustina Kowalska

in the

1930s. Patricia, a frequent visitor to the

National Shrine of The Divine Mercy, s

hares her story with us:






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