Marian Helper Winter-2017-18

“I chose the Marian Fathers for my gift annuity because I am very close to Our Blessed Mother. I pray the Rosary every day, and I turn to Mary in prayer constantly. “My gift will help the Marians lead others to a closer relationship with Mary. “My gift annuity also will help me. I am very grateful for the gift annuity payments that I will always be able to count on.” — Maureen, a Marian Helper You can help the Marian Fathers spread devotion to Mary an d receive secure gift annuity payments for your lifetime. Sample of gift annuity rates for one life: Age 60 .... 4.4% Age 65 .... 4.7% Age 70 .... 5.1% Age 75 .... 5.8% Age 80 .... 6.8% Age 85 .... 7.8% For a personalized illustration of gift annuity benefits, contact Ellen Miller at (413) 298-1380 or [email protected] Ellen Miller explains gifts annuities.