Digital Marian Helper Winter 2018-19

28 M arian H elper • W inter 2018-19 • marian . org M arian Helper Nermine Rubin, a native of Egypt now living in Clearwater, Florida, did not feel comfortable sending her teen daughter, Samantha, to a faraway, underdeveloped country. So, every time Samantha would ask if she could visit Tanzania, Africa, Nermine said “no.” But in 2014, early into reading the do-it-yourself retreat 33 Days to Morning Glory , by Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, Nermine’s “no” became a “yes.” “I had an issue with day four of the retreat because that’s when you give it all up to Mary,” Nermine said. “That was a very hard thing for me as a ‘type A’ per- sonality.” As she was thinking about this, Samantha came into her room and, as usual, asked her mother if she could go to Africa. Nermine, as usual, intended to reply “no.” But the word that came out was “yes.” She tried to correct herself, but yet another “yes” fell from her mouth. So she and Samantha soon headed to the village of Moshi, Tanzania, to volunteer at the Upendo Orphanage. Though they spent much of their time ministering to orphans lacking the most basic necessities, Nermine and Samantha experienced Tanzania much like tour- ists. They stayed in a town that Nermine said “caters to Kilimanjaro climbers and safari goers.” “Mary was being gentle with me because she gave me enough to see what I needed to see at that time,” Nermine said. Ever since that trip—and ever since her consecration — her faith has intensified. She started sponsoring several girls at the orphanage. Then she took her newfound fervor back to the United States, where she volunteered for Divine Mercy Sunday at the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy. By Marc Massery Beyond the shadow of a drought W hen M ary comes calling