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"Must-read" gems on Divine Mercy
Catch mercy and pass it on through these best-sellers.

by David Came and Stephen LaChance

As the Divine Mercy movement surges around the world, lost souls return to the Sacraments and broken hearts are healed.

Our best-sellers on Divine Mercy can engage you in this powerful mission to accept God's mercy, share it with others, and trust in Jesus for the results. This was -- and still is -- St. Maria Faustina's special mission to the world.

The Divine Mercy Message and Devotion: Revised Edition

Our most popular booklet has introduced hundreds of thousands of souls to the life-changing message of mercy. It has become so popular that people commonly refer to it as the handbook on Divine Mercy.

Now, new material in the booklet explains why mercy is the mission of everyone in the Church. The cover and inside pages are of significantly higher quality as well.

Yet the sections on the devotions -- which readers have grown to love -- still appear, only in slightly revised form. The new sections of material show how Divine Mercy is really at the heart of the gospel and Church teaching. We learn of God's merciful love in the Bible, of the Church's role in dispensing mercy, and of our call to bring God's mercy to the dying and the departed.

Color photos on quality paper enhance the text with a sense of immediacy and liveliness. They include St. Faustina's canonization, Pope John Paul II's visit in 1997 to her tomb, Mercy Sunday on Eden Hill, and several more.

The cover is waterproof, stain resistant, and untearable -- virtually indestructible. But we will still offer a plastic cover.

The Diary of St. Maria Faustina

As the main source of the Divine Mercy message and devotion, the 700-page "Diary" is a record of Jesus' words to the saint. Great theologians have called this book a classic in Catholic mystical literature, yet the humility and childlike faith of St. Faustina make it accessible to all readers.

Here is the fascinating, personal account of Sr. Faustina's intimate relationship with Jesus. The many visions and messages which He gave her make this book a window on heaven for the reader. As the Merciful Savior told her, "My daughter, be diligent in writing down every sentence I tell you concerning My mercy, because this is meant for a great number of souls who will profit from it" (Diary, 1142).

All who read this book, even a little at a time, discover how the focus on Divine Mercy illumines Church teaching on the Eucharist, Confession, Mary, and many other points.

Praying with St. Maria Faustina

In this booklet, nearly 150 prayers are collected from St. Faustina's "Diary" and arranged under subjects for handy use in prayer. There are brief prayers that you can turn to in moments of trial or thanksgiving, and ones for longer periods such as Holy Hours before the Blessed Sacrament.

These prayers are particularly appealing for their poetic beauty and powerful literary style. Despite having only three years' education, St. Faustina prays with a clarity and depth that touches souls. You'll find a special prayer partner in St. Faustina, the "Apostle and Secretary of Divine Mercy."


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