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Father Joseph's Mailbox
Your letters to the Director/Publisher.

"Glad and sorry" about Fr. Pelczynski's death

We are glad and sorry regarding Fr. Walter Pelczynski, MIC's death, as I am sure all are. Physically we can no longer see him, but we are delighted that he has seen God and will reap the benefits of all the wonders that he did in creating your Stockbridge Center. Several years ago, I had the pleasure of speaking with him on the grounds of Stockbridge.

One of Fr. Walter's relatives is a friend of mine, and she gave me a 20 dollar bill as a thank you. So I would like to donate it to your "St. Faustina Fund for Seminarians" begun in his honor.

-- BS, Tonawanda, NY

Remembering a man of "holiness and peace"

Thank you for informing me of the death of Fr. Walter Pelczynski, MIC. My wife, daughter, and I had visited with him the last weekend in November, and I was blessed to have him hear my confession before we left.

He did seem to be aware that his days on earth were nearing an end, but he was neither fearful nor complaining. He continued to emanate such holiness and peace and to provide me with his extraordinary spiritual direction and comfort. There is no doubt in my mind that on the morning of December 8, he was ushered into heaven by Our Blessed Mother on the great feast of her Immaculate Conception.

-- TB, Wilton, CT

A "very informative and exciting" article

The article "Contemplate My wounds" by Br. Leonard Konopka, MIC, in your Spring 2001 issue was very informative and exciting. It gave me more insight and knowledge than ever. I felt that Br. Leonard made me reach a level of higher understanding.

I'll also make an effort to make copies of it for a few relatives and friends. Thank you.

-- DD, Sea Cliff, NY

Touched by Divine Mercy

Today I received the Spring 2001 BULLETIN in the mail. I find that I usually consume every page. I was first introduced to the Chaplet of Divine Mercy in 1990 in St. James Church in Medjugorje during Holy Week. There it was not simply prayed, but sung from prayerful hearts from many nations. My heart touched the Heart of Divine Mercy.

Brother Leonard Konopka, MIC, in his article "Contemplate My wounds," has offered a new opportunity through these meditations to touch the Heart of Divine Mercy.

Please, is it possible to publish these meditations in some form?

-- DP, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Thanks for the suggestion. We are thinking of reprinting Br. Leonard's article as a leaflet. Like you, many of our Marian Helpers have called or written to tell us that they found it inspiring.

-- Father Joseph

"Wonderful work for Jesus"

I was introduced to Sister Faustina's life and story during my recovery from colon cancer surgery. Devotion to the Divine Mercy Chaplet and books from your gift shop have been tremendous graces for me.

Since it is impossible to give to the hundreds of requests that I get from religious orders, I have selected the Marian Helpers, who do such wonderful work for Jesus. Therefore, please, I do not want my name sold to another community!

Also, in my Protestant town, I cannot participate in your enrollment card program. But I order books and religious articles from you. Please remember my name when you speak to Jesus.

-- MM, Monticello, GA

You are remembered in our Holy Masses and prayers. Also, rest assured that we will not share your name with any other organization. Our Association membership list is kept strictly private.

-- Father Joseph

"Horror stories blew my mind"

I must come from a very protected and naive world. When I read the horror stories in your article "Marians care for street children in Ukraine" in the Spring 2001 issue, it blew my mind.

My husband and I raised four sons and found them to be such blessings. Now we enjoy six grandchildren, and they are the joy of my heart. I can't imagine how such disaster can come to little ones.

And because I am of Ukrainian descent, I've chosen this cause to offer what I can. Blessings upon your work.

-- IG, Clifton Park, NY.

Father Joseph would be happy to find a letter from you in his mailbox. Send it to: Father Joseph's Mailbox, Editorial, Eden Hill, Stockbridge, MA 01263, or [email protected] Your letter may be edited for clarity and space.

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