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Remembered on Eden Hill

Warmest thanks to special benefactors.

Imagine having your personal intention remembered all year long in a special way on Eden Hill. That's the vision of our Shrine Rector, Fr. Dan Papineau, MIC, and it can now become a reality for you through a Light of Remembrance.

For an offering of $250, candles will burn for your special intention for an entire year at the Immaculate Conception Candle Shrine. Your name will also be etched on the glass globe that surrounds your candle.

Your prayer petition will then be placed in the sanctuary at the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy, so our priests can remember it at Holy Mass throughout the year and during the Perpetual Novena to The Divine Mercy. The Novena is offered daily at 3 o'clock while the Blessed Sacrament is exposed and adored.

When you arrange a Light of Remembrance, your name will appear in a future installment of this page, "Remembered on Eden Hill."

Our warmest thanks to all listed below who have made memorial or tribute gifts.

If your name does not appear below, please look for it in a future issue. For information on a Light of Remembrance, memorials, or tributes, call Donna Saliter at 1-800-462-7426.

Mrs. Mary Anne Arado
Mrs. Marie Barker
Mrs. Marie Bengivango
Mr. Alexander Berdar
Mr. Leo Bosselait
Ms. Joan Marie Bosserman
Mr. Fred Cannaverde, Sr.
Ms. Judith Corace
Mrs. Carol A. Coughlin
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Covert
Mr. Edmund Devaney
Miss Mary V. Flynn
Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Gaydosh
Ms. Bonnie Girard
Mrs. Irma Gowing
Mrs. Bertha Julevich
Mrs. Julia A. Karpawich
Mr. Ronald D. Kelly
Mrs. Eunice Kendrick-Giles
Mrs. Krystyna Klecha
Mr. Chester Kornak
Ms. Eleanor Kurtzke
Ms. M. Rita Lalemand
Mr. Leo Leclerc
Mr. Leonard W. Lesnefsky
Miss Margaret E. McNamara
Mr. Dante A. Maida
Dr. & Mrs. Stuart Marshall
Ms. Kathy McDonough
Rev. August F. Mendonsa
Mr. & Mrs. Francis Mirabito
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Murphy
Ms. Joanne Nigro
Ms. Arlene Nye
Mr. William O'Halleran
Mrs. Agnes Para
Ms. Joan Pawl
Sr. Mary Florence Pelczynski, CSSF
Ms. Lottie C. Phillips
Ms. Maryann Potgurney
Ms. Germaine Pressard
Ms. Florence Prokopiak
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Ritzko
Mr. John Seifert
Mr. Casimir Seremek
Ms. Donna M. Schalkhammer
Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Simpson
Ms. Marilyn Spitalere
Mr. George Spivak
Mr. Bernard A. Stankevich
Mrs. Chester Swiatek
Mrs. Helen Thoma
Ms. Maria Ting
Ms. Betty Williams
Mr. Theodore R. Winczewski
Mr. Vincent J. Witkowski, Sr.
Mr. Richard Wlos

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