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Father Joseph's Mailbox
Your letters to the Director/Publisher.

New style is a "decided improvement"

I have just received and read the Summer 2001 Marian Helper, which is announced as a new name and look for the BULLETIN.

In "Father Joseph Writes" (page 3), there is a request that we share with you our evaluation of the new style of the magazine.

I had found the former magazine style quite helpful. However, my first reaction to the new style of the magazine is that it is a decided improvement. Extend my prayers and congratulations to all involved in this advance in magazine publication. I am looking forward to the next issues to be published in this new style format.

-- KS, Roanoke, IN

Why only one child?

I have read the whole issue, and basically I like your new format very much. It makes me feel like family. I'm glad to have your e-mail address to get in touch with you.

One comment I do have: Recently, an elderly neighbor of mine said to me, "Catholic papers and magazines don't help very much by always showing families with one or two children." And shortly, thereafter, I received your new format magazine only to see a mom, dad, and one child. Wouldn't it be good to show at least three?

-- LB, Yankton, SD

Thanks for asking. Some other readers had a similar reaction. Our intention was to use one child on the front cover as representative of a family of any size. We used the plural "kids" in the headline to signal this: "How tough is raising kids Catholic?" Also, please notice that in the same issue, we did run a photo of a married couple with three young children.

-- Father Joseph

"My grandmother and her good example"

From the cover story on "Raising kids Catholic," I began to think about my own relationship to God and the Church, and how I might relate this to my children.

From my earliest memories, I remember walking the mile to town with my grandmother. We would sing songs and talk along the way. We would end up at the church where we would quietly enter the place of tranquility and peace that I can still feel, as I think of those days. I must have been about 6 years old. My grandmother would kneel down before the tabernacle where we would silently pray.

This earliest memory of praying before the tabernacle with my grandmother has been the reason why I bring my own children to the same place -- in the same church -- to meet with God.

When I think back to where the earliest seeds of my faith were sown -- I think of my grandmother and her good example.

-- JB, E-mail

What about homeschooling?

I just received our copy of Marian Helper and am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the format. I am particularly drawn to the articles that deal with raising children in the faith as we have two young daughters. So, in your cover story, I eagerly read of Mr. Ghezzi's experiences and ideas related to a strong faith formation in our children.

But Mr. Ghezzi leaves out one avenue that many parents are now opting to do for a number of reasons. Many of us homeschool our children, so that we can ensure an orthodox formation of faith and help them learn to exercise that faith at an early age.

-- CL, Grove City, OH

I appreciate your input on homeschooling and am sorry that Mr. Ghezzi did not mention it in his article. We will consider it when we publish future articles on family life.

-- Father Joseph

Collecting cans for Lithuania

Enclosed please find my check. We would like this amount used to help rebuild Holy Trinity Church in Vilnius, Lithuania.

This gift is made possible because the people I work with collected returnable cans at 5 cents a piece. It was a job to sort and return the cans, and the final tally was significant.

After all that work, I then read the article in Marian Helper about Cardinal Audrys Backis and his wish to repair Holy Trinity Church and make it into a shrine for Divine Mercy. We hope his dream will come true!!

-- RK, Wellsville, NY

"Hold on to vision"

Enclosed is a one-time "Gift" to start on the work of repairing the much deteriorated church in Lithuania. I am holding the same "vision" of the church that Cardinal Audrys Backis has, the one where he sees many, many people coming to the "Church of Divine Mercy."

-- MP, Dallas, TX

Father Joseph would be happy to find a letter from you in his mailbox. Send it to: Father Joseph's Mailbox, Editorial, Eden Hill, Stockbridge, MA 01263, or Your letter may be edited for clarity and space.

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