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Father Joseph's Mailbox
Your Letters to the Director/Publisher.

Fall issue "a winner"

The Fall 2001 issue of Marian Helper is a winner. Is it my imagination, or are there more different writers in this issue? For some reason, this issue held my attention. I actually read (not scanned) three stories. That was a first.

I enjoyed the article on Sr. Lucia, and would like the book on her. The story "It'll be Ok," by Jason Free, brought tears to my eyes. This issue should receive an award.

-- DD, Ludlow, MA

"I love your new format"

I just love the article on Sr. Lucia! Anything regarding Fatima I am interested in.

I also read the article "On Pilgrimage with Marian Founder" and found it to be excellent! The Marians and I have something in common: the Holy Souls in Purgatory. I pray every day for them, more than one prayer.

I love your new format for Marian Helper magazine. Anything that you write I learn from.

-- PC, Warren, MI

Question about Secret of Fatima

I read your article on Sr. Lucia, and I remember as a boy the story of Fatima. But I never knew the three parts of the Secret of Fatima. Can you please send me if possible the three secrets? I would be interested in seeing what they were.

-- DB, Sebring, FL

Let me address your request here for other readers as well. First, we're dealing with just one, three-part secret. The first two parts were revealed by Sr. Lucia in 1941. The first part was that the children were given a horrifying vision of hell. The second part was that, in light of the vision of hell, Mary called for consecration to her Immaculate Heart, saying that this would usher in a period of peace for the world. The third part, among other things, concerns a vision alluding to the attempt on the pope's life, says Sr. Lucia. It was made public in 2000. To read the full text of it, see "Unraveling the Third Secret" in our Fall 2000 issue. (If you missed it, visit and select "magazine.")

-- Father Joseph

"I cried when I read it"

Thank you very much for "It'll be OK," Jason Free's article about his grandfather in the Fall issue. I cried when I read it, and then throughout the day when I thought about it.

I gave it to my coworkers to read, and they all found it inspiring.

-- TCL, Methuen, MA

"We are raising our children -- simply"

We have just received our copy of the Fall issue of Marian Helper. We think the new look is super!

We are a devout Roman Catholic, home-educating family of 10 (children aged 12 and under). We would love to see an article on home educating large families. It can and, in some cases, should be done!

In the Fall issue, we were touched by the story in "Between Us" by Mrs. Kathleen R. Roesch, the mother of your Q&A columnist, Fr. Joe Roesch, MIC. This is how we are raising our children -- simply.

We invite priests over to dinner. We pray as a family several times a day. We visit Our Lord in the tabernacle several times a week. And we tell our children that God has a special plan for each one of them to accomplish. We are here to help them discern and become holy. We pray that one of our many sons (so far, all are boys, except for one girl) will be called to the priesthood, if it is Our Lord's Holy Will, of course.

Thank you for reading my letter, Fr. Joseph. Please keep us in your prayers!

-- WC, Wampsville, NY

Enjoyed "fine article on Ukraine"

I have just finished reading the fine article in the Fall issue of Marian Helper magazine, "Sending Relief to Ukraine."

Can you tell me how best one may contact the EADM office in Tampa, FL? I would like to pass along such information to one or two Polish friends.

Also, how good it was to read the update on the pope's visit this summer to Lviv, Ukraine! Thank you.

-- MN, Metuchen, NJ

Thank you for your kind note. You can write to Eucharistic Apostles of The Divine Mercy at:
P.O. Box 2488 Valrico, FL 33595-2488. Or visit
their website at www.the

-- Father Joseph

Father Joseph would be happy to find a letter from you in his mailbox. Your letter may be edited for clarity and space. Send it to: Father Joseph's Mailbox, Editorial, Eden Hill, Stockbridge, MA 01263, or

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