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Between Us
How I pray.

A Marian and a Helper share on a topic of mutual interest.

There are many ways of praying, but the way I like best is to pray with Jesus and Mary as little souls often strive to do. In this form of prayer, Jesus and Mary do the praying, while the soul is still and attentive in the Divine Presence. The soul listens and encounters God as it lives its life turned toward Him. Such prayer is often simply a loving gaze toward God.

The heart of this form of prayer is simplicity and the knowledge that we often do not know how to pray. The soul develops a certain level of awareness, recognizing that it knows nothing and God knows everything. This is the way of little souls. Little souls enter the presence of God as beggars and see everything as a gift from God -- their time, their talent, and even their prayer. Such souls offer in prayer their open, humble, and contrite hearts. They pray with confidence that God knows best, desiring and loving Him above all else.

These souls have a great love for the Holy Eucharist. They seek to live in God's presence. Often, they can be seen sitting quietly in front of the Blessed Sacrament while meditating on the rosary.

Little souls live for one purpose: to experience God and to share His blessings with others. Such souls become a prayer as they are transformed by the Divine Presence into the image of God. They are blessed by God because He can work through them easily. All their time, talent, and treasure are spent in serving God and others.

When we encounter these humble, hidden souls, Divine Mercy radiates through them. We are changed forever because we have encountered God incarnate in them.

To all little souls, thank you for being true to your call and teaching us how to pray. The Divine Presence in you is a treasured gift to the Church and world.

Elaine Lavery, BSCD, has shared her insights on prayer in another Marian publication, The Intercessor. The mother of two adult children, she lives in St. Leo, FL, with her husband, Tom.

The greatness of the "Prayer of the Mass" is in the Sacrifice of Jesus as atonement for all sin. It touches the inner life of the Trinity as the effects of Jesus' obedience to the Father. That is why all of my prayers outside of Holy Mass are an extension of, and flow from, the perfect Sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I have received adoption as a son in the Son, which gives me confidence and trust in my prayer life with the Father.

More specifically, I have certain obligations in prayer every day as a Marian seminarian. I pray the Divine Office and the rosary, as well as doing scripture prayer and meditation. These prayers form a firm foundation for my personal life of prayer. They help me grow in my relationship with the Holy Trinity, Mary, and the saints.

Two of my favorite forms of personal prayer are a daily holy hour spent on my knees before the Blessed Sacrament, and the setting aside of a considerable amount of time each day to be with the Blessed Virgin Mary. Most days I include my time spent with Mary in my evening holy hour. During this time, I like to make an examination of conscience, to intercede for others, and to pour out my heart to Our Lord and Our Lady.

I always try to bring all of my prayers to the Father through Jesus and Mary. This is why I am studying to be a Marian priest. As the Mediatrix of All Graces, Our Lady is the joy and strength of my life and vocation. I daily consecrate myself to her, so that I might be more fully in communion with her Divine Son.

I really believe that without Mary, I would not know the full truth about Jesus Christ or my Heavenly Father. It is in Jesus and through Mary that I hope to some day offer the Perfect Sacrifice of the Mass as a Marian priest.

Br. Don Calloway, MIC, pursues his priestly studies as a seminarian at the Marian Scholasticate in Washington, DC. The Holy Eucharist and Our Lady mean everything to him.

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