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Graces Received
Magazine prepared woman for son's passing.

Letters of thanks for prayers answered by holy Marians.

Prayercard arrived day after tragedy

Much to my surprise, recently I received Marian Helper magazine in the mail, and I read the articles with interest. The article on Fr. Stanislaus Papczynski intrigued me, and I sent for the prayercard, which arrived the day after my son was killed in the World Trade Center.

I think that this magazine was sent to prepare me for my son's passing. I am saying prayers for the sainthood of Fr. Stanislaus.

-- MF, Eatontown, NJ

Grandchildren "arrived home all right"

Three of my grandchildren recently visited Thailand with their mother. The youngest of the three children is very frail.

Shortly after they arrived, we heard news that the children were seriously ill. We were told that they had then recovered from this illness.

Yet, once again, shortly before they were to return home, they became ill a second time. And the youngest was more seriously ill than the rest.

At that time, I was reading Marian Helper and read about Fr. Stanislaus Papczynski. I immediately asked him to intercede for the children and to bring them home safely.

Thank God and the intercession of Fr. Stanislaus -- they arrived home a little sick, but otherwise all right.

I found out later that the children had been so ill in Thailand that they had to be hospitalized.

-- RK, E-mail

"My doctor really surprised me"

I was involved in a major car accident five years ago in which my husband was killed and I sustained brain injuries. I was unconscious for a week.

While still in a coma, I was given IV feedings. And while getting the IV's, the doctors found out that I had sugar diabetes. Since then, my sugar had been controlled by diet.

Then, a month ago, my doctor told me that he thought it was time for me to go on medication for the diabetes. I was concerned since I am very sensitive to all medications, and now live alone most of the time.

I tried the medication that my doctor thought I should be on, and I had a frightening reaction. When I called my doctor to tell him about the reaction, he told me that I should continue taking it!

Then, I had a visit with my doctor and had been praying to Fr. Stanislaus Papczynski to give him guidance and wisdom. And during the visit, my doctor really surprised me. He wants me to stop the medication for a month and see a nutritionist to give me a diet plan.

Thanks, Fr. Stanislaus.

-- BW, Hadley, MA

"My sister's husband returned home"

I am a religious sister. But I do mostly physical work and read little except for books that are recommended for meditation or other spiritual topics.

A while ago, I ran across an article about the Venerable Servant of God, Stanislaus Papczynski. It included a picture of him, and I was attracted to his holy, warm personality. So, I cut out the picture and put it in one of my books for spiritual reading.

Then, this year, I received bad news from my sister who was living in Vilnius, Lithuania. Her husband had taken to drinking and had left her and their four little children. She decided to come to Poland and try to rebuild her family life there, raising her children in the Catholic faith. Her husband, although they were separated, opposed the move.

When I learned about all this, I remembered the image of Fr. Stanislaus that I had tucked away in one of my books. I took it out and began to say a novena to the Venerable Servant of God, fervently asking his intercession for a resolution to this difficult matter.

A few weeks later, a letter came from my sister containing the joyful news that her husband had returned home. He asked my sister's forgiveness, confessing his faults and crying tears of repentance. He stopped his drinking and promised to better himself in the future.

He also agreed to their moving to Poland. He, himself, began to make the necessary preparations for it. He has become a much better person.

-- A Sister of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Europe

For a Fr. Stanislaus prayercard (BSPP), call toll free 1-800-462-7426. If you have received graces through his intercession, please write: Br. Andrew R. Maczynski, MIC, Vice Postulator of the Marian Causes of Canonization, Stockbridge, MA 01263. E-mail:

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