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Marian Vocations
"My little 'yes' changed my life."

by Br. Mark Baron, MIC

The Blessed Virgin Mary helped to prepare me for my vocation in a rather unexpected way.

When I was growing up in Louisville, KY, my mother would often have the Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima in our home for a week's visit. One time, the gentleman who was the custodian of the statue needed help in taking it to people's homes on Saturday mornings. While on a visit to our house, he asked my mother if I would be interested in assisting him in this apostolate.

As my mother, she agreed to the arrangement, telling him that I would love to do such a thing for Mary. But I was a pre-teen in seventh grade at the time, and little did she know that internally I was somewhat resistant to her decision. I considered Saturday morning prime time for sleeping in and watching TV.

For some reason, however, I didn*t put up a fight. Instead, I surrendered my own desires to those of my mother. As I look back, I realize that this was a very significant moment of grace for my vocation. For when I said "yes" to the desires of my earthly mother, it was as if I was saying "yes" to my heavenly mother. It is this little "yes" that I believe placed me under the mantle of her protection.

Now I am 32 years old and studying as a seminarian of the Marians of the Immaculate Conception at our Scholasticate in Washington, DC. I am currently preparing for my perpetual vows and look forward -- with Mary's help -- to serving as a Marian priest.

-- Seminarian, Br. Mark Baron, MIC

Dear Marian Friends,

Brother Mark began to respond to Mary's call at such a young age. It is exciting to hear about how the seed of his vocation was planted by Our Lady and his mom.

If you feel Our Lady might be calling you to serve her Son and are a young man considering a religious vocation, please call me so you can arrange to attend one of the "Come & See Weekends" in Steubenville, OH, tentatively scheduled for Jan. 11-13 and Feb. 8-10.

You also may contact me to request our free information about life as a Marian priest or brother.
In Mary Immaculate,

Fr. David Lord, MIC, Vocation Director
Marians of the Immaculate Conception
515 Belleview Blvd.
Steubenville, OH 43952

Call toll free: 1-877-261-8806


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