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Your Letters to the Director/Publisher.

Rosary initiatives proposed

Your Winter issue had a lot on the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. In our parish of Maria Regina, Seaford, NY, our priest, Fr. Gerry DeSpigna, has his own way to fight the terrorists. He has asked all the parishioners to bring in their extra rosaries and put them in a basket at the back of the church by Our Lady's statue.

This way, anyone who doesn't have one will be able to get a rosary free. Wouldn't it be great if all the parishes in the country would do the same?

And why not bring back the block rosary that our Irish immigrants had at the beginning of the last century? Each day, they went to a different neighbor's house to say the rosary together. After the children went off to school and before they began their work, they asked the Lord and His mother's blessing on them, their children, and their nation.

We can all be links in the chain that will bind evil in our world.

-- JI, N. Massapequa, NY

Bringing back the block rosary and making extra rosaries available in parishes are great ideas. I hope that they inspire other Marian Helpers to do likewise. Our Holy Father has repeatedly encouraged all of the faithful to pray the rosary for world peace.

-- Father Joseph

"Articles are very inspiring"

I very much enjoy reading Marian Helpermagazine. Your articles are very inspiring. I like "Ask a Marian," your question-and-answer page. I learn things that I had never known before.

Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading the next magazine.

-- CS, St. Louis, MO

Divine Mercy image on CNN

I am writing in regards to the article "Divine Mercy at Ground Zero," by Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR, in your Winter issue. The article is truly a bright light for surviving human beings everywhere! It aids all Americans who want to be resilient, go on with their everyday lives, not live in fear, yet in watchfulness.

While in deep grief, I watched on CNN the most horrific scenes. Then, with real surprise, I saw the image of The Divine Mercy untouched on a door at the World Trade Center. I could almost feel God's light of hope when I saw the image of Jesus, The Divine Mercy, on CNN!

On my own wall next to the front door is a framed image of The Divine Mercy.

-- PK, Parma Heights, OH

"Walk the way Jesus walked"

While reading the Winter issue of Marian Helper,a statement made by Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR, really touched my heart. In his article "Divine Mercy at Ground Zero," he states, "Everyone was asking, 'How could God let this happen?' I was so distressed that I did what I always do when I can't pray -- I made the Stations of the Cross."

How beautiful! What an inspiration. To choose to walk the way Jesus walked when you are at the end of your rope and you see no way out is a concept that I plan to integrate into my daily life. It means to meditate on what He did for me and to stop focusing on myself and the situation. It means to be grateful for such an awesome God who loves me so much. And it means to not ask, "Why?" but instead, "What can I do to walk now the way Jesus did?"

Thank you. You've enriched my life.

-- NC, Reno, NV

I am glad that both of you benefited from Fr. Groeschel's article. Since his reflections on Divine Mercy remain relevant because of tragedy in our world, we've decided to reprint the article as a leaflet under the new title "Divine Mercy in Time of Tragedy. To order this leaflet, see the feature in this issue on new Divine Mercy materials from Marian Press.

-- Father Joseph

Respond to Mary's message

I enjoyed your entire Winter issue very much.

Your article by Joseph Pronechen, "She still warns us," is so timely considering the state of the world today. In all her apparitions, Our Lady's message remains constant and loving: repent, convert, pray the rosary, receive the Sacraments, go to Holy Communion, return to her Son, Jesus.

I believe that those who witnessed the great miracle of Oct. 13, 1917, and were not afraid were those who had responded to the message Our Lady gave to the children at Fatima: pray, repent, do acts of reparation.

Will we listen and do as Our Lady asks? Look around. It's time we all knelt and obeyed the Mother of God, our mother.

-- VO, Lee, MA

Father Joseph would be happy to find a letter from you in his mailbox. Your letter may be edited for clarity and space. Send it to: Father Joseph's Mailbox, Editorial, Eden Hill, Stockbridge, MA 01263, or

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