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Remembered on Eden Hill
"Light of Remembrance" brings comfort.

"Many people have been consoled to know that a candle will burn for their intention for a whole year," says Fr. Dan Papineau, MIC, Rector of the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy. "This is an aspect of our 'Light of Remembrance' devotion that Helpers really appreciate.

"It also means so much to me as a priest to bring their intentions to the celebration of the Holy Eucharist and the Hour of Great Mercy devotions at the Shrine."

This spring marks the first anniversary of this wonderful opportunity.

One of the first participants in the Light of Remembrance, Rachel from Massachusetts, wrote in to express how much the devotion means to her: "I am overjoyed! I view the continuous flicker of the flame as a tongue in constant prayer before the throne of God. The flame flickers on in prayer, and I join it in prayer from afar. You have offered a dream come true for many -- a 'merciful candle devotion.' A candle lit for one's intentions around the clock for a whole year! It's so special and dear to my heart."

Part of the appeal has to do with the special nature and spirit of prayer found on Eden Hill, and, of course, the consecration to Jesus, The Divine Mercy.

As Rachel concluded in her letter, "Does not Jesus tell us to pray without ceasing? This devotion helps us to fulfill that command."

For details on a "Light of Remembrance," memorials, or tributes, call Donna Saliter at 1-800-462-7426.

Our thanks to all listed below who have made gifts for a memorial, tribute, or "Light of Remembrance." If your name does not appear below, please look for it in a future issue.

Ms. Eileen M. Ball
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bernritter
Mrs. Michelina Bertelli
Mr. & Mrs. Francis P. Bourdon
Mrs. Alta G. Brown
Ms. Josephine Burnett
Mr. William Cunningham
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore DeLeon
Ms. Joanne DePiano
Mr. Joseph Deptula
Mr. Edmund Devaney
Mrs. Catherine Dolfi
Mrs. Mary Fermano
Mr. Bernard A. Fieles
Mrs. Margaret Filiberti
Miss Agnes Gallagher
Mr. Thomas Geoghegan
Mr. Thomas A. Gignac
Mrs. Susan Groshong
Mr. Dennis Higgins
Ms. Wanda H. Jaskula
Ms. Toribia Jimenez
Ms. Jacqueline Korzenewski
Mrs. Jennie V. LaPoint
Ms. Loretta Lawrence
Ms. Mary Ann LeBlanc
Mr. Melvin L. Lewis
Mr. John Lyons
Mrs. Jane McGuire
Mrs. Haksun McLean
Ms. Marian McMahan
Ms. Deborah R. Moore
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Morrissey
Mrs. Van T. Nguyen
Mr. Albert Pico
Mrs. Eleanor Quinn
Mrs. Kathleen J. Roesch
Mrs. Carroll Ross
Ms. Kathleen Ryan
Mrs. Rachel Rachstein
Mrs. Jeanne Rouillard
Mrs. Nilda Sityar
Mrs. Cheryl Sorric
Mrs. Joyce Sulzinski
Mr. Robert J. Thetreault
Mrs. Carmen Timbol
Mr. Robert Tomlinson
Ms. Joey Vasquez
Ms. Ellen Volkman
Mr. Carl W. Vozniak

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