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A Tolkien Catholic

Father Andy Davy, MIC, draws on a famous story for this week's poem, describing a lone figure, gray-haired, confronting a fire-wreathed shadow ...

Of Blue Skies and Bad Coffee

Father Andy Davy, MIC, shares more pandemic poetry in which Eeyore, bad coffee, and unexpected hope all make an appearance.

Of Hobbits and Plant-Armies

Father Andy Davy, MIC, meditates on the beauties of dandelions in late sun and a child's mind in this latest set of poems.

Lost Childhood

How do we bring back to the family the silent "Marian" values of the home at Nazareth?

Congratulations, Fr. Tyler, MIC!

On Oct. 2, the Feast of the Guardian Angels, Tyler Mentzer, MIC, was ordained a priest!

Blessed the Man Who Heeds God's Word

Each of us can imitate St. Jerome's love for Scripture and make a resolution to read it more diligently.

From Brother to Deacon to Priest

On. Oct. 2, Deacon Tyler Mentzer, MIC, will be ordained a priest!

The Beauty of God's Grace

Father Andy shares some more of his favorite poems, explaining, "Some of my favorite ones come from simple experiences that shine with the 'grandeur of God.'"

Of God and Man

Father Andy Davy, MIC, shares his poems, reflecting on the challenges of modern life, especially in a time of pandemic.

Our Lady of Sorrows Shows Us the Way

As we reflect on our Sorrowful Mother this month, let us ask her to show us the secret of suffering well.

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