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By Terry Peloquin (Aug 1, 2019)
Traditionally, Marian novices profess their first vows on Aug. 15 — the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Are you surprised? Why would our Marians profess their first vows on this feast rather than the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception?

"The two feasts are closely related," explains Fr. Chris Alar, MIC ("Fr. Joseph, MIC"), director of the Association of Marian Helpers. "The dogma of the Assumption states that Mary Immaculate was assumed body and soul into Heaven at the end of her earthly life. Why? Because she had never been touched by original sin or any sin and, therefore, was not prone to corruption like the rest of us."

Certainly, the Assumption celebrates when Mary goes to her eternal reward. But there's more, says Fr. Chris. "It also reminds us that God desires to see all of us in Heaven one day — both body and soul, as Mary is. She is a beautiful example for us of our calling to be holy and immaculate."

What an encouraging thought for a Marian making his first vows!

At the vows ceremony, one at a time, each man will be called forward to present himself and recite the words of profession:

I, (name), for the glory of God and the honor
of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary and all the
Saints, in the presence of the entire Community,
through your hands, most Reverend Father, vow
to Almighty God in the Congregation of Marian
Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the Most
Blessed Virgin Mary, according to its Constitutions,
the three vows: of chastity, poverty, and obedience
for one year. So help me God and this holy Gospel.

This year, the Marians have five novices approved to profess their first vows on Aug. 15 at the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy. Two men have been approved to profess their perpetual vows the following day.

"Our Marian seminarians faithfully pray for our Marian Helpers," Fr. Chris assures. "Please remember them in your prayers — especially those who will profess their first vows on Aug. 15."

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Kelly - Aug 6, 2019

May the Love and Grace of Christ, the Blessed Mother, St. Joseph and all the angels and Saints always be with you and guide you. Thank you for your faithfulness. I pray you can hear all of Heaven rejoicing and cheering you on as you speak your vows.

Hilaise Thomas - Aug 5, 2019

May the Blessed Mother be always your guide in all your works and prayers.

Mark - Aug 3, 2019

We are all in this journey to heaven together as brothers and sisters of Jesus. Let's support one another with ours prayers, especially for the men who are professing their vows this month and for all men and women discerning calls to the religious life. May we all become saints according to God's will.

Meshach - Aug 2, 2019

We accompany you with our prayers that you may be faithful to your vows.

Lucy - Aug 1, 2019

May God speak through you to all who need to hear his voice.

Victoria - Aug 1, 2019

What wonderful graces you have received. MayOur Blessed Lady envelope you in her arms as she did her only son,Jesus .

Beth - Aug 1, 2019

Our beautiful Mother Mary has helped me through the darkest days of my life. She knows my pain as mother who has lost a son. May she continue to guide and shower me with her love.
God with your forgiving and merciful heart I heartily thank you for my many blessings. Shine your light on those who need your love and show them a way to PEACE.

John Heiden - Aug 1, 2019

To all of the men and women actively pursuing some form of religious life, never hesitate to look to our Blessed Mother, the mother of God, for her assistance in your journey and throughout you lives as religious. She'll never tire of listening to your request for assistance. Rest assured that you are being remembered in daily prayer. Thank you for your unselfishness in serving our Lord and His flock. May God's special blessings be abundantly given to you.

Denise - Aug 1, 2019

May Mother Mary always be your guide to show you the way to be faithful and holy priests.

Joyce - Aug 1, 2019

May Our Dear Lady cover you with her mantle of love and prayers as you do God’s work on earth.God Bless you,
Joyce Brady