Fr. Walter Dziordz, MIC

Pastor, BVM Our Lady of Peace; House Superior
Darien, Ill.

My name is Fr. Walter Dziordz. I had been the Provincial Superior of what was the St. Stanislaus Kostka Province for 13 years. This province merged with the province of St. Casimir to become an entirely new province, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy Province.

Prior to that ministry as Provincial Superior, I was the pastor of a parish in Greensboro, N.C., for five years. Because of my experience as pastor of a parish, I became a pastor of another parish in Darien, Ill. It is called Our Lady of Peace. You can read all about this parish, its history and its daily life on It is a rather large parish with all of the typical needs of any large parish. In addition to being the pastor here, I am also the local House Superior. We have modeled our Marian life here on what we had experienced in Greensboro, which was also a parish and religious house. Here in Darien, there are two other Marians in addition to myself. These Marians are Fr. David Lord and Fr. James Enin. I had the pleasure of living with Fr. David in North Carolina, not to mention serving with him in Stockbridge, Mass., when I was the Provincial Superior and he was the Rector of the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy. It is "three's the charm" now with living together and ministering here. Father James had been living in London, England, for many years, originally coming from Ghana in Africa. All together here, as parish priests, we celebrate the sacraments, minister to our extremely fine school (K-8), and take care of whatever needs arise.

The Divine Mercy devotion is quite strong here, too! We had a good first celebration here in 2006, and I am sure that we will have even better ones as the years move on!

As religious, we maintain our tradition of praying together and eating together. Through such means, in addition to our many talks together, we build up each other and as a result build community. This ministry is challenging due to its complexity. However, we have a very talented staff here, so I am sure that our ministry will be successful. And because of our pastoral ministry here, we, in turn, grow. People here minister to us as we minister to them. Such overall partnership is an ideal way of growing spiritually and drawing closer to God.