The Marians have had a presence in Portugal for more than 200 years. Following his term as Superior General of the Congregation, the Venerable Servant of God, Fr. Casimir Wyszynski established the first Marian monastery for the Iberian Peninsula on Mount Balsamão. It is there that he died in 1755. In 1834, the Portuguese government became hostile toward all religious and finally closed all Marian Monasteries in the country.

But in 1954, the Marians returned to Portugal. They took up residence in the beautiful Balsamão Monastery established by Fr. Casimir and brought it back to life. Today, the monastery hosts pilgrims, retreat groups and various religious events. In the local church, devotion to the Divine Mercy is growing along with Marian devotion. Since 2015, Portugal is a vicariate under the Brazilian Province of Divine Mercy.

In Fatima, next to the Shrine of the Blessed Mother, Marians operate a Hostel for Pilgrims.

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  • Fr. Jovanete Paulo Vieira, MIC
  • Vicariate Superior
  • Largo da lgreja 1
  • Sao Mamede
  • Portugal
  • Phone: (351) 244-704-334
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Marians in Portugal

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Religious Houses and Residences

  • Balsamão
  • Fatima
  • Macedo de Cavaleiros
  • São Mamede

A Marian Procession with the miraculous statue of Our Lady in Fatima.

The Balsamão Monastery, Aerial View

Interior of the Marian Shrine in Balsamão.