100 Years of Fatima - with Fr. Joe Roesch, MIC, Episode 17

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Father Joe Roesch, MIC, the vicar general of the Marian Fathers, discusses that frightening vision of hell given to the child visionaries of Fatima:

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Fr. Joe Roesch, MIC - Nov 8, 2017

Yes, sorry that I didn't say that as clearly as I should have. The prayers and sacrifices are that no one would go to hell. It is too late to pray for those who are already in hell.

OFS - Sep 15, 2017

The Lord is just and righteous. If a soul is sent to hell that soul is there for all eternity. if you dont want to be there isuggest you do something about it now but dashing its not forever is just wishful thinking. We have right now to changeour ways, this very second to start praying.i wouldn't waste any of it .

Kathy - Sep 13, 2017

I think why some are confused is because Fr. Joe said: "...many go to hell and there's no one to pray for them..."I don't think he meant for it to come out that way, it confused me at first too :)

BK - Sep 13, 2017

Sacrifices are for souls so that none end up in Hell.

Specifically, for living persons to repent of their mortal sins and conform their choices and behaviors in communion with Christ.

Souls in Hell are there permanently and eternally.

Jeannette - Sep 13, 2017

Pamela, once a soul goes to hell,it is forever. I believe Father was talking about praying for those souls on this earth who are on a path to hell so that their hearts and souls can be redirected away from that path.

Dawn - Sep 13, 2017

I recently watched this and it was awesome! explains the Last Four THINGS

EWTN Home Video's 5-part miniseries on the Catholic Church's doctrine and teachings about the Four Last Things: Death, Judgement, Heaven, and Hell. Fr. Wade Menezes, CPM, focuses on the differences between the Particular Judgement and the Last Judgement; the Church's teaching on Heaven; the chief characteristics of the risen, glorified, and transfigured human body; the existence of hell; and growing nearer to God. 2 disc set / 2 1/2 hrs

Daryl - Sep 13, 2017

Least not we Judge for only he can judge ,His mercy is divine. His forgiveness Witnessed by his love for us on the cross, Pray ,Pray ,Pray for Reparation of sins and forgivness of sinners. Amen

Susan - Sep 13, 2017

Souls never leave Hell. There is no way out of Hell.

There is a way out of Purgatory, and it is time Heaven.

Susan - Sep 13, 2017

Jimenez and Barb are correct. Just went on Pilgrimage to Fatima in August.

Elaine - Sep 13, 2017

Do souls ever leave

hell and If not why sacrifices and prayers?.

reeni - Sep 13, 2017

The best explanation of why our prayers are so important for those who have died is explained in the book by Fr. Michael Gaitley "Consoling the Heart of Jesus". There is no time in heaven so when a soul stands before judgment, all past, present and future prayers are with that soul. We CAN and should pray for deceased souls because those heartfelt prayers are with that soul when they go before God. Jesus told Saint Faustina the He comes to a soul 3 times when they die. If they reject Him once, He goes away but comes back, then again after this. Our prayers recited now can save that soul when Jesus comes back a third time. How merciful! God is timeless and we get hung up on time because it's the only existence we know of. Keep praying for all souls.

Barb - Sep 13, 2017

We are to pray for souls to keep them OUT of hell, that they should never go there. The wretched souls already having been judged are there for ever and ever throughout all eternity!! A very scary thought indeed!! The children saw that horrific place and as young children were willing to make heroic sacrifices to save sinners from such a fate.

Jimena - Sep 13, 2017

From what I understand souls in hell cannot be helped. We can only help people in purgatory by our prayers.Also, we have God's mercy until our last breath, after that we only have God's justice. Be it that we deserve heaven, purgatory or hell.

Rose Leticia - Sep 13, 2017

This is a very interesting question. If a soul is already in hell, what would prayer do for the soul, could it help in any way? Or is prayer to prevent further souls from going there?

Cindy - Sep 9, 2017

From what I've read from Jesus in his Sacred Heart, it seems yes

Pamela - Sep 7, 2017

Once a soul goes to hell is it not forever? How do prayers help them?