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30-Minute Rosary Miracle

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A member of our Thirteenth of the Month Club sent in the following story, which tells about one of the fastest responses to a Rosary intention you'll ever read.

By Wendy Majerus

Dad and Mom had nine children in 12 years, and trying to care for all of us was financially difficult. Nevertheless, my parents brought joy into our home through teaching us to sing church songs in harmony and praying the Rosary every evening as a family.

On a Sunday afternoon around 1970, when only four of the nine children remained at home, Dad telephoned the rest of us and asked if we would come over to the house. After the last of us who were available had arrived, Dad explained: "I have been trying so hard to sell our house. I have not even had one call from my ad that I placed in the newspaper a month ago. Thursday, our house will go into foreclosure if it has not been sold. Let's all pray a Rosary together that I can sell this house."

My first thought was, "You are asking for a miracle!"

Twelve of us, including my husband and two little girls, joined in saying that Rosary together with Dad. As we were praying the last Hail Mary of the last decade, the phone rang. My sister handed the phone to Dad, whispering, "A lady wants to look at the house!"

We all stood there, listening to Dad speak to the woman over the phone. She wanted to buy a house for her daughter and her daughter's husband. She asked if she and her daughter could come in the next 10 minutes to look at the house. Dad graciously said, "Yes, of course."

We finished reciting the Rosary before she and her daughter arrived. Dad showed them around. The rest of us tried to look invisible - none of us wanted to leave!

After the house tour, she asked our dad, "Can we just close on Wednesday? I know it's very short notice, but we feel so drawn to this house! I'm not sure why. I will pay in cash Wednesday, if that's alright with you, because we need to make this happen!"

Never before and never since have I experienced such a quick response to praying the Rosary. It has been almost 47 years, and my love for Mary and the Rosary still remains strong.

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Marian - Apr 6, 2018

Thank you for sharing this story. Mary's love for her children is so comforting to be reminded of to those who seek her intercession by praying the rosary.